If anyone desires to enslave the entire country for a long time then destroy the matrimonial religious sanctity and force the entry of government machinery and its judicial system to intervene in it, that too in the name of its refinement, so that it becomes government dependent. It’s a different story that those countries who had done it are themselves grappled with various social vices and appear to be frustrated lot. In Bharat the marriage institution is still very strong, even after such intervention in the past, which is unfortunately still continuing.

Marriage is supposed to be marry-age of male and female, becoming husband and wife, is an institution, which not only combines two but also enjoins two families and marriage is performed in the presence of near and dear as per the religious rites. Only those people who attended or solemnised the marriage along with their concerned religious centers have the right as well as duty towards smooth functioning of marriage and to take appropriate steps in case of any adversities in couples family life.

Government need not intervene – in marriage, divorce, dowry, mental, physical harassment. Govenment will have to act only in the event of failure of social and religious deliverance system and that will have to be only one step-family court (first and final). Present law to protect women sees women as sexual gratification object and hence it is not taking care of sister, mother. It is also a social issue and government need not intervene in it to the extent possible.

Marriage got biggest hurdle and division in its unity and sanctity by the creation of husband and wife as separate economic identities. By making them file separate income tax statement, having separate balance sheet, bank account, apart from responsibility and obligation emanate from any ill doing (Frauds) and good doing by performing contribution to society. It says to the folks worldwide, to allow the marry-couple to remain merry by having one bank account for both, single salary if working together, (Joint) single earning entity by having name of both in bank, single tax statement apart from inclusion of parents‟ names (both) in its children’s certificate.

In all issues of marriage government need to restrict itself to provide protection to inter caste, inter-religion and international marriages, and will have to provide equal status to both the parties regardless of their religion in case of adversity in such marriage; for all other marriages society can take responsibility.

It is responsibility of Bharat to evolve and maintain common civil code then show the path to the world.

The concept of Ram-Sita the single husband wife can be regarded as an ideal, but at the same time three mothers of Rama, Rukmani and Radha, Draupadi and Pandava were also the case. Situation like Rukmani and Radha can easily be respected and for other cases also Hindus the Santana have sufficient freedom and one doesn’t need to change the religion for two marriages. Anniversaries are of dead in place of marriage anniversaries, marriage day has to be celebrated.

Bharat even accepting polygamy, polyandry has evolved the perpetual system and as such does not have expiry dates in Ayurvedic medicine, scriptures and marriages. Many laws of women made the middle class men as a hopeless lot, fearing their wives; man is unable to perform his duty toward his sister, mother and it is observed that some time even it leads to suicide by married man and as such all these laws on women/men need rectification.

Some teaching need to be imparted to the boy and girl of marriageable age- on sex, basic etiquetts, roles and responsibility in family life etc. so that marriage become the basis of merryness,

"Marriage need to be Merry-age for the couple and to its near and dear"