At the end of the day what counts is longevity in dynamics and not, longevity in coffins or pyramids which are most assured.
Longevity of market is to be achieved by moral code of conduct, which says that pricing should be same (whether the customer is child, young, old, experienced or inexperienced) with slight variation on mode of payment. The cost and quantity to be assured, recognition of customer and product for after sale/service also needs to be assured.

Promotional activity, necessary advertisement, has to be for immediate cum long-term gain and overall development.

1. In the name of openness and free market venom and poison need not to be glorified.

2. Previously media used to represent the society as mirror, now media is breaker and maker of society. Media need to develop ethical code for itself for it to really become and remain as maker of society.

3. In the name of demand and supply how much excess pricing is justified? Can excess stocking of any item, black marketing, high interest rate and consequential shortage and hunger be justified that too in the name of so called demand and supply? Generally in the world of fisheries, big fish eats small fish, but for mankind society and government must watch and take necessary steps so that market doesn’t become fishpond. For overall happiness control on national, multinationals manipulations and government juggleries by senior citizen, saints and society is must.

4. Higher pricing because of patenting, intellectual property right, monopoly and restricted trade practices cannot be justified, all such items should not attract more than forty percent profit(to compensate and promote research and development) and to maintain all such pricing random cost auditing has to be the norm.

5. Few say that everything is on sale; and they tries to buy honesty, respect, pride of others indicates that they themselves are the product and about others god knows about their survival. Pride is important for living. Few others say that though everythings is on sale but happiness is not on sale and other replies that they do not know where to buy. All these must understand that most precious things in the life are free including life.

Any Foreign direct or indirect investment may be differed, till value of countries currency reaches at par with the so called respected-currencies. Pride is important for living.