When tired, take rest, when finished the job, retire.When tired and finished the day’s jobs take rest and sleep, and when finished the entire job of life take final rest and a big sleep (death).On the reappearance of similar job, reappear, finish the job and get finished.

Creation of world is his (Allah-All, Brahma - Brahmand (cosmos) pastime, in this creation/pastime cycle moves on sometimes here and sometime there,and every part and spare part is used in given time and space, with due recognition in that paradigm.Every part,
each person is here for set goal, each one-take birth, lives and then dies, serving that purpose.

Seers understand it, Astrology announces it, Palmistry predicts it, Reiki reaches up to it, Tarot tells about it. Individual believing these, listesns to all and track toward fulfillment of its duty/purpose.Seers who see the entire thing in entirety, see where is a plane surface, where is a depression, where is suppression, where is aggression and where is a goal and what is after the goal, understand that how difficult is to pass the time, and as such curtains are placed in front of us (eyes) so that game goes on and on and on….

In this pastime when woken up in the morning let this creator be remembered and remembered at the start of the day’s work, then at break, then after finishing day’s work and then before rest and then again after rest and so on and so forth, and it is sufficient.Mother says: in this pass time do not do anything in the day which can disturb our sleep in the night, and do not do anything in the night which can disturb our face or face value in the day. In this pastime it is all the better to sing and dance in the tune of Allah-Brahm the almighty.

Those who remember more doing their jobs get important part in the play, and those who remember continuously and are working, become the most important, those who simply work and those who simply remember get temporary importance and when these people lose harmony they get sidelined.Till the game goes smooth, everything remains normal, when people go astray, its working messenger (Pagamber) appears and when game gets disturbed it is being corrected by great and greater effort.

In general, life style has to be the same as said by various messengers and latest by:

Kabir as “Kheliba khaiba Dhyan dhariba” (play, eat, and remember) or by
Nanak as “Kaj karo, Bant chakho, Nam japo”, (work, eat together, and remember almighty)
And it is all about life style-Pray, Play and Party
Pray in private, Play (work) with player and Party with partners.

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