famous painting in China and Japan depicts, Zen master burning Dhammapada, a religious book (a sort of law book to Buddhists) of the very Zen master. When one arrives, books, scriptures Dhammapada, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Ramayana, and Gita lose its relevance, or rather person crossed the threshold and arrived. Such people vibrate with nature and its word becomes the order, and events happen, whether written in law book or not. The people become characterless (i.e. can’t be predefined or predicted) but responsible (Responsibility is the ability of response). For those who have not arrived, rules and laws are required. Those who are childish, the whole law books are required. Countries, whose law and law books are bigger and bigger, can be regarded as more like child and if books are causing chaos then it can be said that country is in the age of creation of new sets of law book, integrating knowledge and experience. From chaos comes the creation.

Young countries wish to have compactness, firmness, openness, and still desirous of experiencing of its law book.

1. India is currently in a chaotic stage in many areas including law books. If the rules and laws are complicated justice will be reduced, currently we have room full of law books and almost empty handed justice (more than two crores cases are pending in various courts). It is said that ruler have his or her rule or one can say that if rules and law of somebody are operational than it is his rule which is running direct or indirect/proxy, so if British rules are still operational in India than it is clear that it is British which is running the country in an indirect way, We have to bring our own Laws and judicial system if we wanted to call ourselves as independent, free and sovereign country.

2. Government need to promote the discussion, encourage individuals and groups to come out with whole set of laws including constitution, which integrate and express our wisdom and experience.

3. Government need to promote constitution of various committees including of lawyer and judges to study and experience others law, recommendation, and to come out with collective recommendation for people to appreciate and later accept the final recommendation.

4. Apart from law, government will have to promote the public to find out ombudsmen for each block/district, whose word public regards as sacrosanct.

5. Government need continue to interact with global brother and sister for sharing mutual experiences and also to provide platform for expression for the larger good.

The sound of law appears to be of taker la-la, where as Niyam (rule) came from Niyamak, (the almighty), we may use this word in English language as well.