First verbal communication was done by mother in her deep driving love toward her child and thus called the mother tongue. Love has variety of ways of expressions and hence variety of languages and variety in language, and all mothers are like mother earth and hence some threads of commonality in all the languages of the world e.g. A, U, M, sound are there in all language, dialects and even in slang. Languages appear from love. Love is what we give to others and not what we take from others, and if we watch the growth of language then it can easily be appreciated that the language, which has given the best, progressed well and did not die with time. Pali, Prakrit, Hebrew, Latin though have given, but their contribution was not sufficient and hence submerged into the other languages, whereas Sanskrit has given its best to the mankind and is still surviving even after being originator of almost all Bhartiya Bhasha and many European languages. Sanskrit is the most powerful and realized scientific language of the world with fifty four letters (sounds) and eight hundred eighty base words.

All inventions are nature’s desire to manifest, be it a television, telephone, telecom or telepathy, and do not allow any body to hold monopoly or ownership on it and belong to all human. Similar is the case with language. All languages belong to all; somebody may be first or may be second. In the emerging world order amalgamation or assimilation of languages will follow. Sanskrit being most powerful and scientific language, English be the most accommodating and receptive language, Chinease and Arabic by virtue of their being the largest spoken languages will offer solution of language for the future. State boundaries, barrier, demarcation and differentiation on language count is counterproductive to growth.

As no language is personal, we need not stop any language to spread as the spread depends on how much the language gives to the humanity. The languages starting (sound) from heart (like Sanskrit, Hindi and Arabic,) are sweeter languages in comparison to languages which start from head- English, French, etc. This is natural and nothing to be done on it.

We will have to set up resreach and development in language field, to find out the sound of harmony, its promotion and assimilation of languages (whether its inclusion of Hindi words in English or English, Arabic, Chinease in Hindi). The languages are revered which have been spoken by Guru’s mukh (Guru- mukhi), by sages and all such language get the longevity. We can feel proud that Sanskrit is called dev bhasha and its written word/font is known as Devnagri.

Government will have to encourage the language. Sanskrit (or any of its branch), English, Arabic (Urdu, Parsi) and Chinease, as two main and one optional in education system.

Harmony and rhythm in language of mother and prospective mother needs encouragement, still best feeling can be transmitted in silence only or we can say silence of love is the best language.