International family or international brotherhood the Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam feeling exists in the world and we all witness it during various natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquake or Cyclones. In all these natural calamities help starts pouring in from the entire world, however quantum of help dependents on one’s capacity and personal relationship with that part where incident has occurred. Generally quantum of help increases from the one being indifferent, followed by acquaintee, followed by those who hate them, followed by those who love them. Generally hate and love relationship follows the following trends.

Hate + Love = Pity,
Pity + Love = Help,
Help + Love = Compassion
Compassion + Love = Benevolence
Benevolence + Love + Love = Love

In societies and countries, where indifference has cropped up, nothing much can be done where as in societies and countries where enmity or hate is persisting, it will convert sooner or later into indifference or love. In growing relationship, indifference causes realignment whereas hate or love causes unification, either by war or by understanding.

Worldwide growing trend indicates that assimilation process has started between various societies, religions and countries; this can be seen by the rise of hate as well as rise of love amongst various constituents.

Those religions and those countries which are born in exact time will submerge into the religion and countries whose time and history appear to be perennial, perpetual, natural and Sanatana.

Bharat being profounder of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (International family) will have to adopt and encourage concept of country as nuclear family and world as the large family.

In upcoming and better time, global family will be a reality.