A) Few say Ideals belongs to Idol, others says Ideals are respected like Idol. Few says Ideals are static, and remain same in changing and dynamic world, others says the basic Ideal remain same in all time and space and only its manifestation carry the colour of time and space.

B) Idea- is a bubble of energy, or a molecular disturbance in the brain of some people which they call creativity. Idea or creativity if strong attracts the stream of energy so as to reach to the Ideals. Idea in its journey toward Ideals faces all sorts of weather and leather, seasons and reason, tension and frustration, play and pleasure and then reach to the Ideal place. At Ideal if one still stick to Idea, it is pushed backward, and by pushing backward it has to restart its journey or may be in time other stream over took it and it may losses the flow. At Ideal each stream submerged, at ideal one have to give due respect to each stream otherwise Ideal is not ideal and causes much problem in running the government/ organstion.

C) The success limit to any ideology depends on the broadness of ideology, if one makes ideology of backward, forward or of region or religion, then the limit of success depends on the collective strength of that group. Such group when elevated to the post of governing find themselves in very awkward position, In governing these have to take care of very opponent in the same manner as that of the group who made them elevate. The conflict is so severe that many turn their eyes off and start following the routine, others take care of their group and cause strike, unrest and protest, along with law and order problems by the opponent, and those who shift their position to include, afraid of losing support of their group and with this fear they ultimately lose.

D) The wisdom says- if at all one is fascinated with term Ideology than only Ideology which can poll Rajnetic party to elevate and continue thereafter at the helm of affair is of all inclusive Dharma Nirpeksha, assimilative and integrative at national level and taking care of National interest and Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (international brotherhood feeling) at international level in its country. To remain powerful we have to play the role of guide, critic, and conscience keeper of the world community at large.

1) Country belongs to all countrymen and women; we will have to take our own decisions however external suggestions are also welcomed.

2) We have to dedicate our self to the highest standard of cohesion, Dharma Nirpekshta, good will and good- gesture and collective well being of all countrymen in governance, and only this can remain Ideology and Ideal.

Effort is needed so that we become and remain our own ideal.