We have to accept the fact that presently villages, cities and metros are not as clean as we all generally expect it to be. Our habitations are either tired of to be too clean or left to remain dirty. Many times in order to clean some part we make all other parts dirtier. Even in the absence of organized waste disposal system villages have been able to maintain more cleanliness than metros with efficient waste disposal system. Reason of cleaner village than metro, is in the simple living of villager and its tendency of not to create the unnecessary waste at first place. Hygiene is the highness in the genes to create the clean atmosphere for its healthy living. Hygiene is an individual choice and effort but it emanates from cleanliness, which is a collective effort.

Problem arises when the core of healthy living “hygiene and cleanliness” has been neglected by giving second, third fourth or even inhuman treatment to the doer or cleaner and maintainer of hygiene. Generally all preachers preach of hygiene and cleanliness of mind and body, if it is so then how come the actual doer becomes unimportant and less worthy? It is felt that cleaning the toilet is equally important than lighting a lamp in the temple and deserves equal treatment if not more; society which does not give equal and respectable treatment to the creator of clean environment for god to reside, get subjugated, defeated, enslaved by other society, how so powerful it may be. In the downfall of Asia it was one of the most important factors and unfortunately our own intelligentsia (so-called preacher of soul cleaning) had created or allowed it to happen.

“Beauty is in cleanliness, in cleanliness lives God”

A) In present time the deterioration in overall cleaning becomes severe after the invention of mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent manufacturer and its retail chain operator promoted the general dirtiness and water clogging and have been able to enhance the mosquito mania. General cleanliness is further deteriorated by the laziness of the people, municipalities and by non-availability of option in such centralized defunct municipal cleaning system.

B) Blindness created by the industrialization and its expected large-scale fruit allowed dirtiness of rivers. Expected fruits did not come and will not come by this sort of industrialization, but dirtiness of the river has affected large population. Now this dirtiness is causing anger in the people who prays the water bodies the nature lover, apart from the close by inhabitants.

C) “Who keeps dirt, his life becomes dirty.” Prosperity and happiness grows only in clean atmosphere. Hating the pig means hate the dirt, simply hating the pig doesn’t help in anyway, it rather reduces the scope of natural cleaning act and generally attracts more pigs, flies and consequently more hate. Religious institutions will have to be encouraged to take up the task of cleanliness and hygiene. Government need to withdraw itself from cleaning activities and this activity need to be shifted drirectly to the society and its religious centres.

1. Technological advancement will have to be incorporated for segregation of scavenges, and it’s useful after application.

2. Clean and earn model by becoming owner of scavenge, has to be promoted, support base equipment have to be provided by the society itself at nominal cost.

3.. Religious centers, senior citizen committees will be encouraged to head the municipal cleanliness activity and also to construct public facilities at market places, colonies. Such committee has to work in tandem with constituency level municipal committee.

4. Temple, mosque, etc., will be provided with special financial support to maintain its own and surroundings cleaning till these become self sufficient financially.

5. Schools and Colleges needs to encourage participation of students in cleaning the Alma mater, its house and society at large, with some prize giving formula.

6. For river and other water bodies cleaning, religious centers, committee of senior citizens and respectable personalities of above sixty years will have to be encouraged to take part in cleaning activity, as well as prevention of dirt/garbage at first place.

7. Industry causing hindrance in maintaining cleanliness will have to be shifted no matter how big it may be. Cleaning pattern as per 5 S (safety, suitability, safeguard, shifting and sweeping) will have to be promoted in industry as well as in daily life In view of the above it is proposed to abolish the class four in government service and also proposed for almost equal pay for sweeper to that of honorarium paid to Poojari (priest). In a short time this will make requirement of reservation as irrelevant.

Society where planner and performer are respected more than the preacher manipulator becomes and remains leading society.

Media needs to encourage message of Hygiene and Cleanliness. Competition and prizing will have to be encouraged for the clean house, clean colony (Mohalla), clean village, city, district and state with cash and running trophy.