History and Geography - It is said that whose history is good their geography is not good, and whose geography is good their history is not good, moreover whose history and geography both are not good are hopeless lot and whose history and geography both are good are respectable by all.

A. If we see the history of the last six-seven thousand years, we will appreciate the existence of small village state, then cluster of village state, then river state, then city state, then cluster of city state. Though each state fought war and tries to maintain its integrity and sovereignty by their best possible means, but failed in its effort, to provide the present geopolitical state. And now no country can afford to say that it is fully independent, if one produce then other provide the market, and if producer need assistance, market provide the assistance and guidance. This is the way geographical history is changing and taking place for neo-globalization. We accept the fact with serenity and will move in the way of Allah/Ram the almighty.

B. History is mystery and geography is real, history is past and geography is current, the only thing men had learned from history is that “men never learned from history, and so many say that “history repeats itself”. All new born carry the entire past in their brain and they look the world by sitting at the shoulders of its mother and father and hence looks/sees farther than their parents. All young looks/sees to geography and learn from its behavior, attitude, culture, tradition and earn from energy and harmony of the geography. Sorrow or happiness depends on the rhymes of vibration and its centering (static) within in rotating (dynamic) world.

C. Forward classes never bothered about history and always busy in geography and history making. Backward classes are busy in searching the root, feeling that whose history is old can only go up; and occupy themselves in history writing and anthropological research. If any country is doing such thing then it can safely be said that their downfall has started, they forget that whose roots are deep can only go high. The culture of lost Lemuria was carried in a westward stream to mingle in Egypt with that of Atlantis, which disseminated its civilization to many, a distant place in the near east. The Lemurians first settled in Upper Egypt, while the Atlantis overspread Lower Egypt and hence the two Kingdome which endured so long before historic time saw their union. Some similarity can be ascertained even now by seeing the Egyptian Pylons Possessed the same sloping sides, the same truncated tops, the same internal marrow stairways etc. with that of towers at the gate of old temples in Southern part of Bharat, and Tamil tradition asserts that the Himalayas were not thrown up-till later. It is just for entire world to understand the visible deepness of Bharat’s tradition, culture etc. Bharat understand this and never bothered about history. Only thing it bothers about that, which is essential and what is essential. As these things are in our blood and marrow, so we hardly bothered who is Ram grand maternal father (Nana) and who all were are his great grandsons. It even does not bother much about Ram, only thing it is bothered about what essentials has been done, it even doubt whether particular thing was done by Ram orKrishna or Ganesh etc.

D. If we see the history books, we will hardly find the name of Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Buddha, Mahavir, Laotzu, Paigamber Sahib, and Jesus or even if it is there it is just a footnote. We can feel sympathy with history writer that these personalities have not become historical either. We still depicts them child or at the most young [never even old]. Understanding this, it is not nice for Bharat to compete with immature (countries of history writer) and write history,

E. When the world moves ahead and when integration of frontal vision and backward experience is required, history lover and old ones look backward and pronounce the chanting of glorious past and feel happy in their cell and feel that they are the leader (self proclaimed) and may get automatic bright future. Whereas those who take care of its geography, are forwarded looks/sees the possible danger, prepare the regime and indulge itself for the preparation of even unknown danger, and as such geography lover, in the long run may not necessarily feel in expanding its geographies and feels contented yet are watchful for its geography. Geography lover understand that to expand is easier than to maintain its figure. We must dedicate ourselves to get our geography correct, feel contented and maintain it watchfully and energetically.

1. We take pride in Bharat’s vast geography and vastness and uniqueness of its geography. Geography in its vastness and its vast topography and unique land constitution will have to be teaching subject from primary school to colleges.

2. The natural heritage of nature has to be maintained and will have to be maintained not withstanding industrial development or any outside country allurement, what to talk of pressure.

3. Country will have to encourage discussion and dialogues to correct its natural geography.

4. River linking project need not to be taken up. Canals and if needed water linkage through piping will have to be taken up by even using electricity to pump the water or by making artificial height raiser dam to reverse the flow of river.

5. Defense will have to be topmost priority for external purpose. Individualised awakened security for internal purpose has to be taken up for internal purpose. Paramilitary cum defense education to majority will have to be imparted through educational and religious institutions.

6. It is not a point reminding each new generation born in freedom, that country was ruled by someone, or our older generation was nomadic when India and china were at peak and as such these history will not be taught till tenth standard (fifteen year of age), later on a brief subject combining world history will have to be taught. To achieve Dharma Nirpekshta avoidance of history teaching is a must attest till fifteen year of age. Current syllabus of history needs modification to include historic events of post independent era as well, which are currently taught as a subject of social science.

7. Those who wish to know about history will have to be taught in college in graduate level, history of other country in post graduate level, history as a subject need not to be a part of any topmost post (administrative service or other), and need to be the part of general studies only. History will have to be clubbed with Anthropology or social science. History writers have to correct many misnomers( including about Sikander) in India vis-à-vis history in west

8. Bharat will have to consciously move ahead in future and will take pride in its future generation, and will not unnecessarily burden our new comers with loads of historical big-big [it is said that crops do not grow near the big trees].

9. A separate subject of religion, logic, moral, and ethics should be added in schools.

To promote Dharma Nirpekshta and strong culture a subject on what is essential, why is essential and how much is essential and who deserves will have to be included in textbooks.