READER: I now begin to understand the English law, the judicial system the good they may have done is accidental. I feel that these certainly need improvement. You, however, drag in the doctors also, how is that?

EDITOR: Domes are required in the crematorium that they perform last rite of us human being. In Hindus to be dome is not a business proposition, Dome comes when ever any last rite has to be performed and then they used to do ordinary jobs in the society e.g. like agriculture or supporting job. If tomorrow crematorium is being advertised like “By getting cremated at this crematorium and by this dome one will go directly to heaven or like this, crematorium will take care of your last rite, then what will you say (one will surprise that in few religion they even reserve and also gift place in crematorium).

Doctors do require as domes are required, but profession promotion of doctors is something like promotion of Domes in the society. Promotion of doctors and medical business is sick mentality and medical tourism and advertisement of hospital and doctors is height of it.

What is happening in so called most modern hospital that administration of hospital is being managed by management professionals and these so called professionals call patients as client and started behaving with patients as one behave with clients.

Few countries in the world are so much degraded that to survive their high investment investigating, diagnostics and doctor’s team they need to create newer and newer virus, bacteria, diseases and syndrome and advertise their havoc through news and views, panel discussion in media using services of specialists including international health organizations. Need of the hour is to make all health services free.

Doctor and his immediate family and friend consume more medicine than any ordinary person in the society. Member of doctors family dies in the isolation of ICU, ICCU, respirator, whereas member of ordinary family dies in the vicinity of near and dear listening Gita, Quran etc. and having Ganga/Abe jam- jam water. In general immunity (Strength against diseases) of doctors, paramedical staff, their families have been observed to be lesser than the ordinary common men.

Common men feels that it is his responsibility to remain fit whereas doctors, paramedical and their family feel it is the doctors and hospitals responsibility to maintain them fit. This paradigm shift is dangerous to doctors and their family and as such it is primary responsibility of doctors to desist from their business if they want them self and their families to be healthy and happy.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:
The views I submit to you are those I have adopted. They are not original. Western writers have used stronger terms regarding both lawyers and doctors. One writer has linked the whole modern system to the Upas tree. Its branches are represented by parasitical professions, including those of law and medicine, and over the trunk has been raised the axe of true religion. Immorality is the root of the tree. So you will see that the views do not come right out of my mind but represent the combined experiences of many. I was at one time a great lover of the medical profession. It was my intention to become a doctor for the sake of the country. I no longer hold that opinion. I now understand why the medicine men (the vaids) among us have not occupied a very honourable status.

The English have certainly effectively used the medical profession for holding us. English physicians are known to have used their profession with several Asiatic potentates for political gain. Doctors have almost unhinged us. Sometimes I think that quacks are better than highly qualified doctors. Let us consider: the business of a doctor is to take care of the body, or, properly speaking, not even that. Their business is really to rid the body of diseases that may afflict it. How do these diseases arise? Surely by our negligence or indulgence, I overeat, I have indigestion. I go to a doctor, he gives me medicine, and I am cured. I overeat again, I take his pills again. Had I not taken the pills in the first instance, I would have suffered the punishments deserved by me and I would not have overeaten again. The doctor intervened and helped me to indulge myself. My body thereby certainly felt more at ease; but my mind became weakened. A continuance of a course of medicine must, therefore, result in loss of control over the mind.

I have indulged in vice, I contract a disease, a doctor cures me, the odds are that I shall repeat the vice. Had the doctor not intervened, nature would have done its work, and I would have acquired mastery over myself, would have been freed from vice and would have become happy. Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. Men take less care of their bodies and immorality increases. European doctors are the worst of all. For the sake of a mistaken care of the human body, they kill annually thousands of animals. They practice vivisection. No religion sanctions this. All say that it is not necessary to take so many lives for the sake of our bodies. These doctors violate our religious instinct. Most of their medical preparations contain either animal fat or spirituous liquors; both of these are tabooed by Hindus and Mahomedans. We may pretend to be civilized, call religious prohibitions a superstition and wantonly indulge in what we like. The fact remains that the doctors induce us to indulge, and the result is that we have become deprived of self-control and have become effeminate. In these circumstances, we are unfit to serve the country. To study European medicine is to deepen our slavery. It is worth considering why we take up the profession of medicine. It is certainly not taken up for the purpose of serving humanity. We become doctors so that we may obtain honours and riches. I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession, and that it is injurious to mankind. Doctors make a show of their knowledge, and charge exorbitant fees. Their preparations, which are intrinsically worth a few pence, cost shillings. The populace, in its credulity and in the hope of ridding itself of some disease, allows itself to be cheated. Are not quacks then whom we know, better than the doctors who put on an air of humaneness?
READER: What is your opinion on health system?

EDITOR: Besides what has already been said you can refer our views on health from Mita –Life Style Agenda:


It is said, “If our mind remains healthy, happy and holy there will not be an iota of sign of problem in the world and the world will be full of happiness.
A person can be called healthy if one is comfortable and can admire one’s own body in bathroom i.e. full nakedness.
If one cannot admire one’s body in bathroom, in dressing room and in dining room then one surely need some treatment and following are different approaches to treatment:
Tantric way of Health:
“Mind motions the matter.” It is the mind that maintains the body and if mental health is alright physical body will have to be all right. Tantra deals with mind, matter and its movement, and there are one hundred twelve such methods narrated by lord Shiva to Mother Parvati covering the need of humanity in its entirety i.e. past, present and future.
Mind cleaning by aroma therapy, atmosphere cleaning by ‘Yagna’ and body cleaning by controlling of sexual activity are outcome of ‘Tantra’.
Differential methods of treatment:
It is said that “if all the components/parts are alright then the machine/body is all right. Most medical sciences work on this phenomenon, that, they correct individual itemized dysfunction/ malfunction and Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, etc. are its example. Ayurveda, that is Veda of Ayu (Veda of Life) and considered to be the fifth Veda, also takes astrological help as its eyes for providing treatment. Acupressure, acupuncture, colour therapy, magnetic therapy and massage are also differential methods of treatment.
Integrated method of treatment:
Another way of treating the sick person emphasizes on the integration. It says, “You leave aside parts, and correct full body and mind then parts will automatically get corrected”. This way all the functions are integrated. Yoga, Meditation, Faith healing and somewhat, naturopathy and hypnotism works on this principle. It says, “If machine is all right then all parts ought to be right”.
Way of harmony:
For general understanding, yoga used to be the last step in health wherein, inputs and outputs are synchronized. For those whose in and out are not in synchronization, Yoga is the only alternative. But what the synchronized person, ‘the yogi will do’? Yogi’s dance, perfect yogi hardly resorts to yogic exercise. Yogi remains in Yoga and they dances- Sufies dances, Shiva Dances and Krishna Dance. Rajneesh’s (Osho) understanding has added new dimensions in it for us.
Osho understood –
Yogi Dance, Corollary to it - If one can dance he will be yogi and in perfect health, and will also be happy and holy. Rajneesh has developed this realization for all of us and suggested various methods of dancing and singing.
For patients medicine, for imbalance personality and mentally broken, yoga, and for healthy person, dance (singing playing and dancing) are the norms.
Government will have to encourage dance centers, and it may be in line with Sufis and Osho’s music. This will be allowed in education centers as subject and exercises in offices. Dance a day can keep doctor away.
1. We need to promote the Eastern health practices and make them part of integrated health system.
2. It is observed that all public doctors practice less and private doctors practice more. Private Doctor pray that more and more patients should come to them and in a way praying for more diseases, here prayer itself needs correction.
3. Government will have to restrict the maximum fees charged by doctors and hospitals and will have to work with media for not glorifying and promoting this profession unduly large (It is observed that doctor and its family consume more medicine than an ordinary family).
4. Freebie on account of medical expenses will have to be rationalized and nexus between government hospitals and chemists, government sector and private hospital and chemists will have to be broken. Outpatient department of government hospital will have to be made available minimum ten hours a day.
5. All Differential method of treatment give greater emphasis on clean stomach, in physiological term these methods say problem starts with the stomach, and get cured through stomach. In Psycho- Physiological level it is said that problem in stomach starts when one cannot digest any feeling, emotion , statement, or situation and as such these differential methods provide shifting of problem from more physical and less mental to less physical and more mental. Results of differential method of treatment do indicate the requirement of collective healthy, happy and holy surrounding. This method indicates that diseases and health and happiness are contagious and, as such it points towards the collective approach in place of individualistic approach.
6. Government and religious centers will have to disseminate the message that if intake (food) is all right then body will work fine. Here food to body is, what one eats from eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sexual organ and in this way what one takes from mouth is just five percent.
Many eat food as medicine and many eat medicine as food.
Purity of food enhances truthfulness.
7. Medical tourism though offers a good chance to earn foreign exchange, but earning from others sickness is a sick mentality and hence, cannot get promotion from healthy Sanskriti and culture. However, our doors need to be open for outside patients to get the treatment.
8. As human life is advancing to its fruiting, plastic surgery for beauty and health along with cloning, genome and stem cell intervention will increase. Embryo and heart transplantation, brain artificial stimulation techniques will be available and at first will get boost and then filtered by society, mind and society progression.
For basics it can be said that to have ‘healthy happy and holy body – listen to it, it gives all warning and signals’.
READER: What is your opinion on Hygiene and cleanliness on one hand and Obesity and mal (ill) nutrition on other, which greatly affects overall health status of the country?

EDITOR: Besides what has already been said you can refer my views on Hygiene and cleanliness and Obesity and mal (ill) nutrition from Mita –Life Style Agenda:


We have to accept the fact that presently villages, cities and metros are not as clean as we all generally expect it to be. Our habitations are either tired of to be too clean or left to remain dirty. Many times in order to clean some part, we make all other parts dirtier.
Even in the absence of organized waste disposal system, villages have been able to maintain more cleanliness than metros with efficient waste disposal system. Reason of cleaner village than metro, is in the simple living of villager and its tendency of not to create the unnecessary waste at first place.
Hygiene is the highness in the genes to create the clean atmosphere for its healthy living. Hygiene is an individual choice and effort but it emanates from cleanliness, which is a collective effort.
Problem arises when the core of healthy living “hygiene and cleanliness” has been neglected by giving second, third fourth or even inhuman treatment to the doer or cleaner and maintainer of hygiene. Generally all preachers preach of hygiene and cleanliness of mind and body, if it is so then how come the actual doer becomes unimportant and less worthy?
It is felt that cleaning the toilet is equally important than lighting a lamp in the temple and deserves equal treatment if not more; society which does not give equal and respectable treatment to the creator of clean environment for god to reside, get subjugated, defeated, enslaved by other society, how so powerful it may be. In the downfall of Asia it was one of the most important factors and unfortunately our own intelligentsia (so-called preacher of soul cleaning) had created or allowed it to happen.
“Beauty is in cleanliness, in cleanliness lives God”.
A) In present time, the deterioration in overall cleaning becomes severe after the invention of mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent manufacturer and its retail chain operator promoted the general dirtiness and water clogging and have been able to enhance the mosquito mania. General cleanliness is further deteriorated by the laziness of the people, municipalities and by non-availability of option in such centralized defunct municipal cleaning system.
B) Blindness created by the industrialization and its expected large- scale fruit allowed dirtiness of rivers. Expected fruits did not come and will not come by this sort of industrialization, but dirtiness of the river has affected large population. Now this dirtiness is causing anger in the people who prays the water bodies, the Nature lover, apart from the close by inhabitants.
C) “Who keeps dirt, his life becomes dirty.” Prosperity and happiness grows only in clean atmosphere. Hating the pig means hate the dirt, simply hating the pig doesn’t help in anyway, it rather reduces the scope of natural cleaning act and generally attracts more pigs, flies and consequently more hate. Religious institutions will have to be encouraged to take up the task of cleanliness and hygiene. Government need to withdraw itself from cleaning activities and this activity need to be shifted directly to the society and its religious centers.
1. Technological advancement will have to be incorporated for segregation of scavenges, and it’s useful after application.
2. Clean and earn model by becoming owner of scavenge, has to be promoted, support base equipment have to be provided by the society itself at nominal cost.
3. Religious centers, senior citizen committees will be encouraged to head the municipal cleanliness activity and also to construct public facilities at market places, colonies. Such committee has to work in tandem with constituency level municipal committee.
4. Temple, mosque, etc., will be provided with special financial support to maintain its own and surroundings cleaning till these become self sufficient financially.
5. Schools and Colleges needs to encourage participation of students in cleaning the Alma mater, its house and society at large, with some prize giving formula.
6. For river and other water bodies cleaning, religious centers, committee of senior citizens and respectable personalities of above sixty years will have to be encouraged to take part in cleaning activity, as well as prevention of dirt/garbage at first place.
7. Industry causing hindrance in maintaining cleanliness will have to be shifted no matter how big it may be. Cleaning pattern as per 5 S (safety, suitability, safeguard, shifting and sweeping) will have to be promoted in industry as well as in daily life
In view of the above it is proposed to abolish the class four in government service and also proposed for almost equal pay for sweeper to that of honorarium paid to Poojari (priest). In a short time this will make requirement of reservation as irrelevant.
Society where planner and performer are respected more than the preacher manipulator becomes and remains leading society.
Media needs to encourage message of Hygiene and Cleanliness. Competition and prizes will have to be encouraged for the clean house, clean colony (Mohalla), clean village, city, district and state with cash and running trophy.


A report on clinical business in China says, “with the current life style and eating habit (fast life, fast food), thirty percent of urban population will always suffer from obesity and out of this thirty percent, fifty percent people will resort to obesity clinic. To cater this large no. of obese patients, large no of obesity clinics will be required and as such this business will bring good prospects.
In other parts of the world, another report says that with growing disparity among rich and poor, poverty will also increase at the same rate as that of gross domestic product (GDP) of that country. This poverty will result in starvation/malnutrition, and it will offer good job to missionaries and charitable trusts.
What an economic planning, medicine and charity as a business? Since medical, charity and missionary as a business is allowed to grow and glorified, so also illness/disease is allowed and promoted to grow, what a shame? National planners of the country are requested to go through this paradigm and plan for future.
1) Obesity and mal nutrition are also the result of broken ashram and Varna Vyavastha (division of life style and caste/class). As a natural concept, one in the age of Grihastha ashram and one in work of business earn and fulfill the requirement of all others, one in family and other in the society. But currently people in their age of Grihastha ashram and people in their work of business are taking more and eating more and leaving others very disproportionate to their requirement. These are causing obesity in the age group of twenty four years to forty eight years, and in the class of business and malnutrition to all others. If we wish to have healthy family and healthy society, we need to correct our ashram and Varna Vyavastha.
2) Planning and its execution will be promoted in education, industry and service sector to include physical activity as a necessary part, either as ‘work in’ or ‘work out’. Dance a day keeps the doctor away.
3) Food with preservatives preserves food in stomach too and causes indigestion. Use of artificial preservatives has to be restricted and general use of natural preservatives has to be reduced. What is sold in schools and office canteen needs to be monitored. It is observed that fatty people eat very fast where as to maintain the health eating and drinking has to be slow. For food It is said ‘drink solid and eat liquid(chew the food so much that it become liquid and gulp the water like it is solid banana).Eating and drinking if possible has to be done by sitting calmly on the cushioned floor or on table chair, but eating and drinking in standing posture has to be avoided.
4) Obesity is not a cause of eating, but a cause of inefficient discharge Eastern toilet also gives acupressure at the back of knee and causes ease in evacuation. Eastern toilets and toiletry need more promotion. Moreover toileting in sitting or standing posture is for diseased and animals. Healthy society need to use healthy way of urinating and toileting. Western commode is one of the main reasons of fatty, unhealthy people in metros and big cities and this needs correction and to be taken care off.
5) Banayan and Pipal tree keeps growing as it takes/make food during day and night whereas other trees and plant make food in the day only. In making food, trees take carbon (through carbon dioxide in the air) and leave oxygen to the environment. This carbon which trees take then converts into glucose/fructose or sap of the tree through photosynthesis which animal including human take (carbon -glucose/fructose) from eating. From air human take oxygen and after respiration leave carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon in the carbon dioxide which humans leave in the air is the major source of weight loss and if we maintain our breathing (deep and long), we can maintain our physique.
6) Lunger in the concept of Nanak has to be promoted as lunger, Annakute, Quran khani or feast to deal with mal (ill) nutrition.
7) Gross domestic product which causes enhancement in all direction (richness, poverty, theft, dacoity, criminal, etc,) indicates our chaotic national and international character. To improve the overall situation, the term G.D.P. needs merger with from the term grosses happiness ratio-GHR.