It is said, “If our mind remains healthy, happy and holy there will not be an iota of sign of problem in the world and the world will be full of happiness.
A person can be called healthy if one is comfortable and can admire one’s own body in bathroom i.e. full nakedness. If one cannot admire one’s body in bathroom, in dressing room and in dining room then one surely need some treatment and following are different approaches to treatment:

Tantric way of Health:

“Mind motions the matter.” It is the mind that maintains the body and if mental health is alright physical body will have to be all right. Tantra deals with mind, matter and its movement, and there are one hundred twelve such methods narrated by lord Shiva to Mother Parvati covering the need of humanity in its entirety i.e. past, present and future. Mind cleaning by aroma therapy, atmosphere cleaning by ‘Yagna’ and body cleaning by controlling of sexual activity are outcome of ‘Tantra’.

Differential methods of treatment:

It is said that “if all the components/parts are alright then the machine/body is all right. Most medical sciences work on this phenomenon, that, they correct individual itemized dysfunction/malfunction and Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, etc. are its example. Ayurveda, that is Veda of Ayu (Veda of Life) and considered to be the fifth Veda, also takes astrological help as its eyes for providing treatment. Acupressure, acupuncture, colour therapy, magnetic therapy and massage are also differential methods of treatment.

Integrated method of treatment:

Another way of treating the sick person emphasizes on the integration. It says, “You leave aside parts, and correct full body and mind then parts will automatically get corrected”. This way all the functions are integrated. Yoga, Meditation, Faith healing and somewhat, naturopathy and hypnotism works on this principle. It says, “If machine is all right then all parts ought to be right”.

Way of harmony:

For general understanding, yoga used to be the last step in health wherein, inputs and outputs are synchronized. For those whose in and out are not in synchronization, Yoga is the only alternative. But what the synchronized person, 'the yogi will do'? Yogi’s dance, perfect yogi hardly resorts to yogic exercise. Yogi remains in Yoga and they dances- Sufies dances, Shiva Dances and Krishna Dance. Rajneesh’s (Osho) understanding has added new dimensions in it for us.

Osho understood:

Yogi Dance, Corollary to it - If one can dance he will be yogi and in perfect health, and will also be happy and holy. Rajneesh has developed this realization for all of us and suggested various methods of dancing and singing. For patients medicine, for imbalance personality and mentally broken, yoga, and for healthy person, dance (singing playing and dancing) are the norms. Government will have to encourage dance centers, and it may be in line with Sufis and Osho’s music. This will be allowed in education centers as subject and exercises in offices. Dance a day can keep doctor away.

1. We need to promote the Eastern health practices and make them part of integrated health system.

2. It is observed that all public doctors practice less and private doctors practice more. Private Doctor prays that more and more patients should come to them and in a way praying for more diseases, here prayer itself needs correction.

3. Government will have to restrict the maximum fees charged by doctors and hospitals and will have to work with media for not glorifying and promoting this profession unduly large (It is observed that doctor and its family consume more medicine than an ordinary family).

4. Freebie on account of medical expenses will have to be rationalized and nexus between government hospitals and chemists, government sector and private hospital and chemists will have to be broken. Outpatient department of government hospital will have to be made available minimum ten hours a day.

5. All Differential method of treatment give greater emphasis on clean stomach, in physiological term these methods say problem starts with the stomach, and get cured through stomach. In Psycho-Physiological level it is said that problem in stomach starts when one cannot digest any feeling, emotion , statement, or situation and as such these differential methods provide shifting of problem from more physical and less mental to less physical and more mental. Results of differential method of treatment do indicate the requirement of collective healthy, happy and holy surrounding. This method indicates that diseases and health and happiness are contagious and, as such it points towards the collective approach in place of individualistic approach.

6. Government and religious centers will have to disseminate the message that if intake (food) is all right then body will work fine. Here food to body is, what one eats from eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sexual organ and in this way what one takes from mouth is just five percent.
Many eat food as medicine and many eat medicine as food. Purity of food enhances truthfulness.

7. Medical tourism though offers a good chance to earn foreign exchange, but earning from others sickness is a sick mentality and hence, cannot get promotion from healthy Sanskriti and culture. However, our doors need to be open for outside patients to get the treatment.

8. As human life is advancing to its fruiting, plastic surgery for beauty and health along with cloning, genome and stem cell intervention will increase. Embryo and heart transplantation, brain artificial stimulation techniques will be available and at first will get boost and then filtered by society, mind and society progression.

For basics it can be said that to have ‘healthy happy and holy body – listen to it, it gives all warning and signals’.