Born Handicapped:

Generally couple enters into sex for pleasure, satisfaction or to release their tension, and babies are their by product. We all know the worth, value and condition of by products and it is the major cause of unhealthy and sometimes born handicapped offspring.

All religion and their astrological science take into account the time of birth to forecast the destiny of individual. Many religions, astrology like kabala, numerology or horoscope do indicate that the time of conception is of importance rather than the time of actual delivery. At few places in Bharat astrologers do suggest the time of conception to the couple desirous of baby and its quality. It is suggested that intercourse during these periods should be prayer rather than the mere sexual gratification.

It is observed that many couples perform certain rites called “Garbhadhan Sanskar”, for healthy happy and holy baby; then these couples also select the name of baby boy or girl from the list of ninty nine names given in Holy Quran in title hundred names of Allah (in this list one name is left out which indicates that whatsoever be the name of the baby, it will be the name of Allah). Similarly, follower of other religions select the name from thirtee three crore Devi, Devta, Jesus, Maria, Moses, Buddha, Mahaveer or from the name of a big-wig. The name selection from Deity’s names is practiced on two counts:

(a) To respect the new comer as god.
(b) To pronounce the name of god by calling the name of baby.
Government with the help of religious centers and media will have to promote the following:

1) To appreciate the flower fully one also has to appreciate the seed. If woman loves her children but hates her husband then love toward children is simply possessiveness and not love. In a better tomorrow when women folk will truly love its children greater freedom to women will be required in selecting their marriage partners.

2) Media has to play vital role to initiate discussion for encouragement of first chatting and dating, followed by marriage and mating.

3) In couples seeking sexual gratification: better sex education, better sex reading material and encouragement to visit places like Khajuraho and Konark will have to be promoted. (In Khajuraho and Konark temples another message is also imprinted i.e. sexual act is in periphery and in the center is the god. This is classical and unique in the world and this message needs international spread. Such centers will have to be maintained with good infrastructure for large number of tourists.

4) For couples seeking baby, help through proper numerologist or astrologer, palmist or tarot reader for proper time of conception and to perform rites as per their faith and belief will have to be promoted. Such centers will have to be established at least in each district for easy access. It will have to be ensured that such centers remain under the control of government or society for its healthiness.

5) Government will support and encourage research in Astrology and will also encourage the integrative process of various Astrological sciences for better tomorrow.

6) For abandoned handicapped deeper responsibility lies on the government. There are few handicaps who have special talent and such talents needs to be harnessed supported and promoted For abandoned handicapped government will have to organize religious institutions and specially its senior citizens to create and maintain proper and lively infrastructure. Government on its part will have to contribute at least seventy five percent expenditure of this calculated on the basis of per capita income. Representatives from each religious community of that area will have to head this center (on rotations). Such contribution from government should continue till the institution becomes self-sufficient and decline help from government. Duty of the group initially will have to be backed by Police and Doctor to bring all such handicapped at one place, and offer them medical and emotional help. Begging must be stopped.

Arrangement of such centers should be judged by performance and performance judgment should be made through competition between different handicapped centers. Alms acceptance and Alms giving has to be made at this center only with or without the accounting (as the individual centre decides).

Unfortunate handicapped:

1. Becoming handicapped just for certification or becoming handicapped in real sense for reservation/favors in jobs and other facility or begging will have to be dealt sternly and such cases have to be reduced to zero.

2. Eye donation will have to be encouraged; help will have to be taken from government sector, private, public sector and religious centers. For all such encouragement token cash of fifty to hundred gram gold will be given to the donor’s family head for all successful eye transplantation. If any rule is proving to be a hurdle will have to be reviewed. Hospital with hundred bed plus may be asked to equip with eye donation facility.

3. For other handicapped, government will have to take care of their livelihood through various temples, mosques, churches etc., and in no case begging will get encouragement. In the case of begging block level leader, bureaucracy, police and judiciary head should be made responsible and must be forced to deposit fine in cash for each case of begging observed and fine will be got deposited through the help of police/army.

4. Artificial limb transplantation will be made easy and affordable and may be fully reimbursed by government.Research and Development for handicapped will be funded up to the extent that current lot lives happily.