Nothing is accidental, coincidental or incidental rather everything is sequential. As the paradigm of nature is so vast that most events and processes appear accidental, coincidental or incidental, but for those who vibrate with nature; everything from birth to death to rebirth is sequential and is just a pastime.Those who do, and those who do not, experiment of the nature and experiment in the nature, all are part of evolution of nature.

In the recorded history, government, which started from pure Anarchy, leads to Archery, form Archery to group Archery, from physical Archery to physical and mental Archery from Archery to Arch ship then to princely Aristocracy. From princely Aristocracy to princely draconian ship to princely dictatorship, from individual dictatorship to collective dictatorship, from collective dictatorship to demon-cracy and from demon-cracy to demonstrable-aristocracy i.e. Democracy and from this demonstrable Aristocracy (Democracy) in better time government will have divinity in democracy and finally in the form of Divine Aristocracy.

At present, on earth every form of Government exists; in smaller to larger level and is in the evolving stage. Bharat in real sense is moving from the stage of demon-cracy to demonstrable aristocracy (democracy) has to lead itself and the world for future which will have divinity in democracy (not priestly aristocracy) as a form of Government.

1) Government employees who are presently called government servants have to take responsibility of paid trustees (working directly in day-to-day affairs) in trust that is Government. Along with such paid trustees, senior citizens, religious heads and public trustee have to work in tandem to nominate, select, elect and if necessary terminate, and then re-elect the Government. Recommendation of these groups will be sufficient to terminate/recall and to call fresh election of part or whole.

2) Public representation must be through that person who is already holding office of profit and living the life through known means of source of income. People’s representative will have to have full liberty to revert back to its old profession with full respect.

3) First we have to establish good governance for ourself, then we have to come out from the temptation of so called welfare state and strengthen the society, then whatever from of government will be there it is bound to have divinity in democracy.