READER: You have denounced faster communication, concurrent Health and Judicial system (devised by English). I can see that you will discard all machinery. What, then, is civilization?

EDITOR: (1) From the statement that all road leads to Rome, to the sun in the British empire never set, to the ambition reflected in World War I and II for worldwide rule, then the so called all powerful economy and its economic aggressions, and now the ambition of few to become number one in the world can be considered as the shifting of power block toward the natural progression of the world to become one large family.

Failure of one and all can be attributed to simple fact that all these empires could not live in head and heart of their own people. Any supremacy achieved by suppression will be discarded. Until the world is being treated as one large family by the masters, their disciples, leaders and their followers and public at large all efforts toward supremacy of one caste, creed, colour or country will get discarded. After the inventions of faster communication process of ascertaining misconceived supremacy and their discard got faster.

(2) Civilization means where people find solace in rules and regulation, respect the rule and regulation of society as well as of Nature and are afraid to break them. Civilization in Hindi or Sanskrit means Sabhyata, where it means ‘good fear’ which is feared by one and all in the society.

Good civilization is like a living paradise, wherein people need not to be watched, checked or punished, where children’s are grown not by the fear of hell or jail, rather than grown by the love and teaching that why badness is bad and why goodness is good.

(3) Good Civilizations does not work on the paradigm that everybody is kafir or Adharmic and has to be converted to Friday, Saturday or Sunday religion so as to make him Civilized. What is surprising that this process of making people civil by converting their religion is said to be done out of compassion and for his own good. There compassion appears to be so great that they feel if a person doesn’t change his religion then this person need to be kicked/killed to make him free from living the life of Kafir/ Adharmic/non-Christian and this is required to be done for his own good and for the good of society (what a non-sense in the name of senses).

(4) Good civilisation is that where rule are not being made to complicate the process so as to benefit the business community and anger to rebel to break them, and certainly rule are not being made very simple so that people break them with impunity and develop the feeling that there is no rule (or the rule of jungle) in the society.

Good civilization is not where government functions on the paradigm that everybody is thief and honest will be honored, rather good civilization functions on the paradigm that “Everybody is honest and trespasser will be punished”.

Good civilization is not where law court function on paper (paper judgment), but law court work on reality, reality ascertainment by single judge or jury on immediate basis (as parents sort-out the quarrel between children so that they find immediate solace without much ill will and if possible suggesting a new way (Naya Ya wahi- nyay) from where the word in Sanskrit NYAY’’ has come up.

Good civilization is that where weak are protected and wise are respected, where neither parents are left out at old age nor the children’s are left out at young age for couples to work and enjoy the adulthood. Where work is worship, where prayer is primary and private, sharing is secondary and celebration as its natural outcome and certainty, that place can be considered as best civilized.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:
The answer to that question is not difficult. I believe that the civilization of India evolved is not to be beaten in the world. Nothing can equal the seeds sown by our ancestors, Rome went, Greece shared the same fate; the might of the Pharao was broken; Japan has Become Westernized; of China nothing can be said; but India is still, somehow or other, sound at the foundation. The people of Europe learn their lessons from the writings of the men of Greece or Rome, which exist no longer in their former glory. In trying to learn from them, the Europeans imagine that they will avoid the mistakes of Greece and Rome. Such is their pitiable condition. In the midst of all this India remains immovable and that is her glory. It is a charge against India that her people are so uncivilized, ignorant and stolid, that it is not possible to induce them to adopt any changes. It is a charge really against our merit. What we have tested and found true on the anvil of experience, we dare not change. Many thrust their advice upon India, and she remains steady. This is her beauty: it is the sheet-anchor of our hope.

Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty. Performance of duty and observance of morality are convertible terms. To observe morality is to attain mastery over our mind and our passions. So doing, we know ourselves. The Gujarati equivalent for civilization means “good conduct”.

If this definition be correct, then India, as so many writers have shown, has nothing to learn from anybody else, and this is as it should be. We notice that the mind is a restless bird; the more it gets the more it wants, and still remains unsatisfied. The more we indulge our passions the more unbridled they become. Our ancestors therefore set a limit to our indulgences. They saw that happiness was largely a mental condition. A man is not necessarily happy because he is rich or unhappy because he is poor. The rich are often seen to be unhappy, the poor to be happy. Millions will always remain poor. Observing all this, our ancestors dissuaded us from luxuries and pleasures. We have managed with the same kind of plough as existed thousands of years ago. We have retained the same kind of cottages that we had in former times and our indigenous education remains the same as before. We have had no system of life-corroding competition. Each followed his own occupation or trade and charged a regulation wage. It was not that we did not know how to invent machinery, but our forefathers knew that, if we set our hearts after such things, we would become slaves and lose our moral fiber. They, therefore, after due deliberation decided that we should only do what we could with our hands and feet. They saw that our real happiness and health consisted in a proper use of our hands and feet. They further reasoned that large cities were a snare and a useless encumbrance and that people would not be happy in them, that there would be gangs of thieves and robbers, prostitution and vice flourishing in them and that poor men would be robbed by rich men. They were, therefore, satisfied with small villages. They saw that kings and their swords were inferior to the sword of ethics, and they, therefore, and the sovereigns of the earth to be inferior to the Rishis and the Fakirs. A nation with a constitution like this is fitter to teach others than to learn from. This nation had courts, lawyers and doctors, but they were all within bounds. Everybody knew that these professions were not particularly superior; moreover, these vakils and vaids did not rob people; they were considered people’s dependents, not their masters.
Justice was tolerably fair. The ordinary rule was to avoid courts. There were no touts to lure people into them. This evil, too, was noticeable only in and around capitals. The common people lived independently and followed their agricultural occupation. They enjoyed true Home Rule.

And where this cursed modern civilization has not reached, India remains as it was before. The inhabitants of that part of India will very properly laugh at your newfangled notions. The English do not rule over them, nor will you ever rule over them. Those in whose name we speak we do not know, nor do they know us. I would certainly advise you and those like you who love the motherland to go into the interior that has yet been not polluted by the railways and to live there for six month; you might then be patriotic and speak of Home Rule.

Now you see what I consider to be real civilization. Those who want to change conditions such as I have described are enemies of the country and are sinners.

READER: As civilization is not a one day wonder, so what can be the phases of civilization?

EDITOR: One can refer it from Mita- Life Style Agenda:


On the pillars of an innate and basic faith there are four phases of development of society and country’s civilization. First is Arth, then Kam (sex work–the physical love), then Religion (mental love), and then Moksha (Freedom). It is further said that, it is the Arth, the means and meanings of earning which decide the goal or ultimate of civilization. It is the means the Arth which decides whether one (individual or country) will remain stuck up at first phase, or will reach to second phase or third phase or not. It is further, the first phase the Arth (means & money) which decides the fate of society and country and its limit of stuck up at first, second, third phase or reaching to fourth phase, the ultimate.
It is further said that the golden top of the temple (peak of civilization) is built upon base, the Arth by the pillars of Kam, religion. Denial of importance to any phase makes the (temple) civilization crumble down. It generally happens that when one reaches to the top, she/he start undermining importance of those who are at different levels of development and also forgets its -a natural duty to give respect and provide pulling force to others, consequentially such people and such civilization may at the top fall down.
It is observed that crumbled civilization generally talks of their once upon supremacy and for sufficient time remains in that amnesia (nostalgic feeling), and others used to take away even the scrap of the crumbled richness to build their empire, leaving the occupant in amnesia and making them more weak, helpless.
For starting or restarting or for mending and amending:
We have to form group to sit together and visualize and set the goal with respectable time frame. The group may be inclusion of all masters of their field, like Judges and convicts, criminals and saints, so as to make an integrative approach.
We have to facilitate the group to devise the means and method, as clearer are the intentions, easier and happier is the journey (Niyat saph to manzil asaan) and seemingly effortless accomplishment of goal.
As the base, so will be the building. In hurry to reach at the top we should not erect shirking tower of babble, we have to build that which last long which have strong base of mutual trust, cooperation and faith.
Present scenario of the world indicates that only global vision will sustain in the coming times; so effort has to be made to have global vision and mission, role and responsibilities for the benefit of local as well for global. We must finalize the things with appropriate discussion and planning, and implement the same maintaining proper prayer of Almighty.

READER: Mr. Gandhi quoted Paggamber Sahib to say that modern civilization is satanic and then maintains that English are good, but their civilization is not good:

“This civilization takes note neither of morality nor of religion. Its votaries calmly state that their business is not to teach religion. Some even consider it to be a superstitious growth. Others put on the cloak of religion, and prate about morality. But, after twenty years’ experience, I have come to the conclusion that immorality is often taught in the name of morality. Even a child can understand that in all I have described above there can be no inducement to morality. Civilization seeks to increase bodily comforts, and it fails miserably even in doing so.

This civilization is irreligion, and it has taken such a hold on the people in Europe who are in it appear to be half mad. They lack real physical strength or courage. They keep up their energy by intoxication. They can hardly be happy in solitude. Women, who should be the queens of households, wander in the streets or they slave away in factories. For the sake of a pittance, half a million women in England alone are labouring under trying circumstances in factories or similar institutions. This awful fact is one of the causes of the daily growing suffragette movement. This civilization is such that one has only to be patient and it will be self-destroyed. According to the teaching of Mohammed this would be considered a Satanic Civilization. Hinduism calls it the Black Age. I cannot give you an adequate conception of it. It is eating into the vitals of the English nation. It must be shunned. Parliaments are really emblems of slavery.

If you will sufficiently think over this, you will entertain the same opinion and cease to blame the English. They rather deserve our sympathy. They are a shrewd nation and I therefore believe that they will cast off the evil. They are enterprising and industrious and their mode of thought is not inherently immoral. Neither are they bad at heart. I therefore respect them. Civilization is not an incurable disease, but it should never be forgotten that the English people are at present afflicted by it”,

How do you account for it?
EDITOR: We all are sons and daughter of that almighty, to say any body that they belong to civilization of Satan is not good. I do not see that person such great as Paggamber Sahib called any race as satanic.

Here is another story from the life of Paggamber Sahib; “A neighbour after accompanying Paggamber Sahib for four-five days in his morning prayer, said about the person still sleeping, look, these bugger are still sleeping, is this a time to sleep, or Is it a time of worship?

To this Paggamber Sahib looked at the sky and said sorry, then his neighbour said, why you should be sorry, rather they should be sorry. Paggamber Sahib said, I am not saying for them, I am saying sorry to the Allah, that being with this neighbour my prayer got spoiled and now I have to again pray.

And then asked to neighbour, you are with me for just four-five days and you feel you have acquired the right to decide who is saint and who Satan is. If a person like you acquired the strength then maybe you will hit these sleeping persons claiming that it is for their own good that I have kicked/killed them. May God/ Allah save the world from compassionate persons like you?

If anybody feels that western are not good then it is our duty and responsibility, to provide them freedom from this life of Satan to make them good, not by bowing down to them but by bringing them up, not by weakness but with strength, not by compassion and compassionate killing but benevolence and benevolent upbringing.

READER: In your view what is shaitan and what is satanic? EDITOR: In Hindu shaitan is also called Asur, Daitya, Danav and Rakshas. All these satanic are those who initially work in the dark and when anarchy starts, send their mascot in open. One who breaks, one who create barrier between you and your nature, one who talks more of airy thing, flashy thing than the basics. One who likes you or who makes you in tranquilized state (whether of wine, wealth or weapon) can be called shaitan. If a large chunk of people follow such rules and regulation (as is liked by shaitan) and continue to follow it for two to three generation then their civilization can be called satanic civilization.

They say that no one can see the real face of shaitan (shaitan does not have its own feet and own face and it work through others) what you see and describe as shaitan or satanic is basically one which is discarded by the shaitan and about to finish.

READER: – How to overcome satanic civilization and become healthy, happy and holy civilization, what is the way out?

EDITOR: –A story: A man after proper bath proceeded to
worship place for early morning Prayer, in midway, he got some jerk and slipped into mud and find out his linen become dirty, observing this he went to his home and prepared himself again for the prayer. Again on the way to worship place again he got some jerk, some slip and found him dirty and so again went to his home. At home he has again taken bath and then once again proceeded for Morning Prayer. This time near the slip he saw one masked man (covering his face) with a lantern/torch. The Masked man said be careful there is slip, you might get dirty, come with me I have lantern/torch and asked are you going for prayer, if yes then I can drop you. On arriving at the worship place he said it is so nice of you to drop me, otherwise I would have again fallen twice on the road. Why don’t you come with me we will jointly offer prayer. Masked man replied, I do not come to worship place to offer prayer. He said to masked man; you are so good that you have shown the path, so please show your face so that I can recognize you and offer my salute to you at a later date. The Masked man said nobody can see my face, let me tell you, it was me who forced you to the slip, but when you have shown will and came second time you have improved yourself and when you came third time you have improved condition of your family. Had I force you to the slip for the third time and if you had come again you would have improved condition of your whole village. I am shaitan I would not like you to improve condition of whole of your village, The Masked man further said nobody can see my face everybody is my mascot except those of strong willed like you, who have faith, to them even I offer my help to drop them to perform prayer. Shaitan said I am just opposite of saint; I too get air, water, sun, light and darkness, space from the Nature.

READER: It would be all right if India were, exactly as you have described it, but it is also India where there are hundreds of child widows, where two year old babies are married, where twelve year old girls are mothers and house wives, where women practice polyandry, where the practice of Niyoga obtains, where, in the name of religion, girls dedicate themselves to prostitution, and in the name of religion goats and sheep are killed. Do you consider these also as symbols of the civilization that you have described?

EDITOR: (1) when our body becomes weak many diseases overtakes us. Similarly when one is weak, as individual, as family or as a society, then in order to protect sanctity of daughters and dear sisters you marry them young, allow/force to use the veil and restrict the movement of girls and women’s. Many such defects appear when one becomes enslaved.

These defect and diseases automatically starts disappearing when you grow strength and many vices start appearing when you grow in power but remain unchecked.

(2) Bharat has always respected purity of intention and one can remain pure even with three wives or five husbands and can remain unfaithful even to one. Making mockery or fun (mental or physical) of purity of intention is being severally punished who so ever he or she may be. Dev-dasis are servant to the god like sister in the Churches and cannot be narrated/equated with any other way.

(3) Blindness is blindness and may causes one to go down, where as good civilization is that which ask us to remain aware/awaken.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:
You make a mistake. The defects that you have shown are defects. Nobody mistakes them for ancient civilization. They remain in spite of it. Attempts have always been made and will be made to remove them. We may utilize the new spirit that is born in us for purging ourselves of these evils. But what I have described to you as emblems of modern civilization are accepted as such by its votaries. The Indian civilization, as described by me, has been so described by its votaries. In no part of the world, and under no civilization, have all men attained perfection. The tendency of the Indian civilization is to elevate the moral being that of the Western civilization is to propagate immorality. The latter is godless; the former is based on a belief in God. So understanding and so believing, it behooves every lover of India to cling to the Indian civilization even as a child clings to the mother’s breast.

READER: What can be the indication that given civilization is good civilization?

EDITOR: Pride and bliss can be considered as an indication to a good civilization and we request you to refer Mita- Life style Agenda for this:


Pride lies in being self-sufficient, respecting the inter dependence, being in serenity to accept and in capability and ability to give. Any self-degrading effect or suppression of weak or ill practice turns the color of pride to black. Keeping our work or currency lower or upper eludes the pride. When an apple is sold at four dollar/euro/ pond per piece it is as easier to French or Briton to buy it as it is easy to Bhartiya to buy it at Rupees four. Discrimination and its chain effect start when it is to be bought at Rupees two hundred a piece by Indian in other countries. Equality of currency has to be bought at the earliest and to be maintained even if we have to live half hungry for the time being.
Bliss arrives at, after the pride enhances to its highest level and remains so in an awakened country. Bliss is maintained by remaining close to Nature and self-restriction to manipulate the Nature in big way (e.g. river linking project, large scale dams, deep sea exploration and nuclear testing in deep sea will bring disaster).
“Pride comes with providence, whereas bliss is in the lap of Nature”.