Nobody likes foreign material, in the constitution of its body. Foreign particles are viewed as nuisance and used and consumed in utmost urgency and emergency. Use of foreign material is considered to be sign of weakness and helplessness. Until we reach to the level of global brotherhood/family level, foreign will remain foreign, We all accept foreign material in food as per the requirement of urgency and generally avoid it, but at the same time wants foreign to remain/exists for variety of beings and things.

All foreign and foreigners are viewed by all, as its field for expression of experience (as every experience wants expression), and research labs to carry out experiments, and to use them and consume them as per our wish and will. Everybody wants to expand its-self but prevented and restricted by the danger of self-annihilation. Addition in venture (adventure) indicates the confirmation of security, however endangering security needs caution and ordinarily to be avoided. Venture or adventure, happiness has to be the sole desire of every one and every country.

Bharat views toward global scenario have always been directed from above viewpoint.
Maintaining internal strength and cohesion, marching toward global family, is the way.