Ajgar kare na chakri,Panchhi kare na kaam,
Das Maluka keh gaye sab ke data Ram

(Python doesn’t serve bird doesn’t work. Disciple (Das) Maluka says it is Ram (Almighty) that gives to all).

Nature always gives/provides more food than the needs of eaters, the only problem starts when the natural distribution is intervened. Famine occurred not because of scarcity of food but out of the bad distribution. Control is not good neither in adversity, nor in abundance (it is discipline, in adversity, in normal time as well as in abundance which is to be practiced). Nanak (in the recent for last 400yrs) started the concept of lunger, which is similar to Annakute and Quran Khani. These religious feasts aim at providing food to all visitors and also attract visitors to have food at the feat of 'lord' . Societies need to organize lunger at village, town, cities and metros as a spiritual aspect and also provide food to the needy.

1) Government will have to encourage such Annakute, lunger, Quran Khani etc. at religious places or simply at a collective (all religion) feast at one place on continuous basis. Government will have to encourage the society to contribute in it and Government should also contribute initially for two years directly, later on when these will become self-sustainable reduce the tax amount. Such religious centers will also to be encouraged to collect clothing for redistribution and provide common sleeping place. As these food feasts are not for encouragement of beggars, some useful work to be arranged to be taken from regular eaters and it may be simple cleaning, maintenance of ponds, canals, nallah, or may be security of a place.
Anyone found guilty of mala fide intention will have to handed over to respective society to take action (except fatal/panel); police and court will not deal with it.

2) Government run food security and public distribution system should be reviewed and may be scrapped in the age of full coffers. In the time of abundance such distribution system is the main culprit of maintaining poverty, cheating and other large-scale malpractices.
Import and export of food articles to be monitored, sufficient stocks for three years have to be maintained for disaster and to contribute to other nations in hour of need, vigil and watch have to be kept for any mala fide stocking and manipulation taking place which can jeopardize food security system and all this is require to safeguard national and societal interest.

3) The message of Nanak
Kaj Karo, Bant Chakho, Nam Japo (Do work, eat together, like lunger and remember/meditate God) needs to be spread by media.
Here remembrance may be five times as ordinary Muslim does during namaj (786 words) or it can be continual as done by Sufis ‘five remembrances’ are:
1) At wake up time (early morning)
2) before going to work
3) at lunch break
4) after day’s job in the evening
5) before sleeping; this can be performed by all in own way and style in isolation and as per their region and religion or in collectivity (as per the chosen faith like Hindu, Christian , Muslim etc., in their own ways or system).

4) For body, food is what we take from eyes, ears, nostrils, touching and mouth. What we take from mouth is generally ten per/cent of the total food we take daily. To remain happy, healthy and holy, it is said that our food- total food-should be of good quality. When food is pure, it enhances purity in truthfulness and enhanced purity in truthfulness gives rightful and timely memory; this memory frees one from all unnecessary botheration, bondages and boundaries.

So let’s pray and practice that we eat good food to remain happy, healthy and holy.