If voting pattern is any indication then we can appreciate, that presently voting percent is highest for central election, lower for state government and much lower for municipal election but highest for Gram Panchayat. In a way people take highest level of care of nearest and the largest. Elections to middle institution are becoming area of unconcern for masses. This trend raises the question not on functioning of the middle structure (State government and Municipal Corporation) but the very existence of these institutions.

1. Wise and beautiful say that our national scenario has become like a torn pant and shirt, without banyan (vest), uncut hair, lot of facial cream and of course gold and diamond jewelry, such a mismatch has taken place in our slogan of unity in diversity. Uneven growth has further risen because of selective central funding to states favouring coalition government. One can appreciate such uneven growth pattern even on helicopter visit of the country.

2. Surprisingly even in this scenario of various States, post office, railway, bank, fuel oil stations, public sectors are working nicely throughout Bharat, by making zonal and regional offices/head offices.

3. We have to encourage discussion on these issues, to organize or done away with our states in line with the goal i.e. first a developed country in a decade then live-in paradise on earth, the goal we the people of Bharat have set up for ourselves.

In our country problem is not only of good leaders, but also of lot many leaders. Discussion has to be initiated one to synergize various activities and second for formation of institution to optimize the size and get rid of unnecessary baggage of so called leaders.