For the employment it is said that

Uttam kheti, madhayam wan,
Nikrisht Chakri, Bheekh nidan.
(Best is agriculture, middle is commerce (business), lower is service, and begging is the last resort).

Current scenario world over indicates rising temperature (global warming), changing weather, rising pollution, lowering of ground water level, draught, flood, stressful life in cities, and appearance of newer and newer disease, which do suggests to plan afresh for learning, learning and earning and working and earning.

Following is submitted:

1) Rising temperature and consequent research indicates:

That ten-lakh tree of bigger size (e.g. Neem, Pipal, Banayan, Mango, etc.) will reduce the temperature of Bangalore like cities, by two to three degree Celsius. Bharat will have to plant ten-lakh trees in each city and five lakh in each block. Ownership right on produces and on cutting will be of its planter and up keeper even on government land. Approximately five kilogram of Wheat/Rice per tree per month maximum and approximately fifty kilogram of Wheat/Rice per person per month will have to be given for its upkeep. This can be given to all the unemployed youth for first five years. Prabhandh/management of this scheme will be directly through religious institution and committee of senior citizens of that area. Supervision of this scheme needs to be under the winner and two runners up candidate of concurrent parliament election of that area without any bureaucratic intervention. Necessary correction in forest act will have to be done. It is expected that Tree plantation sector will create employment and self-employment opportunity in a large number. So-called scheduled tribes the protector of jungle also need similar rights. If need arises or if the unemployment level increases more than ten percent than we may think of banning fuel oil or electricity driven machineries in agriculture and forest land.

2) To create and sustain job/work it is necessary that primary work has to be physical, secondary as semiautomatic, tertiary as technology driven. In this way entire agriculture sector has to be physically/manually operated, packaging of food product has to be semiautomatic and maintenance of cold storage has to be automatic.

Jobs will have to be provided in
a) Creation of small to middle size cities (like Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh and smaller like public sector complexes in various part of the country).

b) Making of check dam, digging and cleaning of ponds, lakes, canal and river.

3) In the entire West the requirement of manpower in various categories is bound to increase (because of declining birth rate); we may think of manpower import and export in respectable way.

4) With the rising internet, intranet and information technology it is viewed that after 2015-2020 information and other technology will not have any added value, hence it is not prudent for us to venture in it in a big way. In employment creation effort will have to be made to ensure the minimum wages being paid by employing agencies. This will have to be ensured through various political workers of ruling and opposition party. Along with minimum wages, limit of maximum fees asked/charged will have to be streamlined (ratio of minimum and maximum wages need not be more than fifteen times. Checks and balances on minimum and maximum wages need to be made through political worker and senior citizen society in place of labour inspector and labour court.

It is viewed that in coming years employment will revolve around security, food, fashion, energy and entertainment in luxury of nature. We must create and follow the trend.