Throughout Bharat and worldwide student pass at thirty five percent marks in ordinary exams and at fifty percent marks in (special e.g. medical examination) where lives are at stake, and for any failure at first attempt supplementary exams are norms. In democracy norms for political parties can be followed of medical, health system with option of supplementary exam to cross fifty percent marks.

A It is observed that selection gives better result than election, and we must discuss, decide and implement the shift from election to selection in our democracy. To start with we can initiate the shift from election to selection below the Member of legislative assembly and there after at all level.

1) Voting by Internet through bank account verified password could be considered for future. No, choice and altogether different choice to be included in the Internet driven voting. To provide Internet voting mutual co-operation of, unique identification number, education department examination database, bank account, land account, taxation department. Data bank, passport, Ration card etc. can be taken.

2) For not participating in voting, some fine to all the taxpayer has to be considered (as these class can be considered awakened and if awakened do not perform their duty then they deserve fine). In Election year tax statement must include voting slip signed by booth in charge/Internet printed slip.

3)The present system of winners takes all and loser loses all need to be modified. The system like in sport winner gold, loser silver and bronze for third position has to be made for politics as well, with the different level of responsibility to each level. This issue need general consensus of public and political parties. For any major national investment of ten tons of gold, decision like war has to be permitted with all the three level of bodies or we can directly go to public and seek their permission.

4) In our system of democracy problem of good leaders is not that much as that of too much leaders. We need to reduce the number of elected bodies/leaders from entire system. With too many elected leaders it is creating problem like, “too many cooks not only spoil the food but food finishes before cooking, what to talk of food service to the hungry”.

5) As democracy reflect that voter are wise, and when voters are wise every permanent citizen (except those in jail on verdict, bankrupt or proven mentally and physically sick) must have chance to contest including to working government servant) Security deposit has to be four-time enumeration of the contesting post. Foreign national can become permanent and fit for election after twenty years of citizenship certification.

6. Selection/Election in charge needs to be elected member like President of India, on controversies his verdict need to be final (no court interference).

7) During Election process, except Prime Minister and national minister, all houses of entire country need to be in suspended condition, to have free and fair election.

We have to strengthen our election/selection process for free and fair elections/selection so that it gives best leader to the country.