A brief story and thereon:

A man having learned the language of Lion in twenty years went to forest for real life conversation. To start conversion he asked the lion about weather and lion replied that lioness has run away. He asked another lion of food and the lion replied of rain. This goes on with many lions and he thought that lions are mad species. But to finalize his conclusion he thought of conversing with an old lion (whom other lions are respecting). He narrated the whole incidence and said, “I feel lions are mad”. The old lion said, “Normally I would have replied in the same way, but since you are going with a conclusion then I must tell you, that all the lions with which you have interacted are wise lions. They are so much wise that none of them has spent its twenty years in learning human language. All the lions understand that we are born as lions and we will die as lions, it is better to live the life enjoyably and as it comes”.

“Human are born as human and will die as human, there is nothing more to become and there is nowhere to go, weather one goes to Moon or to Mars human will remain as human, life is here and now, maps are not needed for going anywhere but required for coming back to home.

Man has gone astray, it started feeling that life happiness will be then and there, maps are required to bring them back as all the wisdom and life happiness is here and now”.

Education which is required for bringing unanimity in understanding and unanimity in expression, learning and understanding from others experience and to carry on in the life from here to further unknowns of the future, should be such that is imparts wisdom to free oneself from unnecessary fear, dogmas, stress and strain. From this very understanding, education is 'Sa Vidya Ya vimuktye', education is that which liberates”. Master and guru is one who helps his disciple/student in this freedom (like a midwife). It is the master or guru who can decides better which kind of student she/he can liberate and choose the students, then it is student who chooses the master. As nobody can enter into the pond and start swimming or enter into the play ground and start playing football so it is the first master the mother who teaches him/her the chapter of love and service and then it is father and master who teach him/her the second chapter of duty and responsibility, then it is the third teacher the friends and colleagues who teach the chapter of competition and comparison, and it is the spouse who teaches the lesson of how to express the experience and then younger lot the lesson of benevolence of living like sadhu.

The real Guru teaches the karma of life and art of its doing and realized science of transcedenting In order to achieve all this in life it is necessary that:

1. Children live for sufficient time (five- six years) at home before going to formal school that too especially with mother.

2. Everybody needs to learn basic education for bringing unanimity in understanding and unanimity in expression, but without any compulsion to do so. Basic education needs to be nearer to home and common for and free for all as it is basic societal requirement than of individual.

3. As the basic aim of education is the liberation of individual hence it is necessary that it should be free from government control, but indirectly funded by government. As the aim of education and of religion is somewhat matching so it will be best if duty of imparting education is taken up by mandir, masjid, church, gurudwara etc. with free admission without any bias and prejudice and commonly agreed syllabus till twelve years of age.

4. Boys and girls learn differently for their role in life and need separate learning to bring unanimity between them after onset of puberty, i.e., women education -women oriented, men education - men oriented. Girls education need to be near the house whereas boys education has to be away from the house. As internal jobs are being managed more effectively by women and external job by men, it is necessary that internal safety being managed by women and external by men and for this women need to be given training on Judo, Karate, kungfu, karali-kala and men on all ashtra and shastra( e.g. sword, stick ,stein-gun etc.) along with all martial art

5. Sex education and education for family life will also have to be given before the marriageable age, where man and woman can sustain themselves not only bodily but financially and socially.

6. Dharma Nirpekshta suggest that in place of A – Apple, J – Jackal, G-Gobar, we should call A – Allah, G- Ganesh, J – Jesus.

7. Children should find enough room for play and training for self-security and for expressions of other qualities.

8. At twelve years of age the master and student must meet along with the educational fair on various dimensions and areas of education for selection of courses and student.

9.. From teen age (Kishor awastha) streamlined education and from eighteen year advance education and from twenty two year education on sex and various other dimensions of life need to be given. This education must be on the basis of selection by masters on children’s capability alone. Fees if at all necessary will have to be standardised, with free education to all the capable and financially lacking. For streamlined education hostel/Gurukul has to be there, whereas for advance education hostel/Gurukuls must be compulsory.

10. Education after twelve years of age will not be forced on any one and one can join its parental traditional business education at home. However, learning will not be limited to any age, adults and old can join school/college at any time.

11. Teachers must be those who have realized in their life and not just a information centre and so preferable age for teacher can be from forty-eight onward and school in charge will be those who have taken sanyas ashram and physically and bodily fit . There is a need for regular, frequent, behavioral, attitudinal and physical fitness testing to avoid sadistic and of slave mentality teaching staff, as such these cannot provide lesson of freedom, bravery, and education to become good future citizen. In order to achieve the above following has to be fulfilled.

A. Working women should get five-six year leave on childbirth up to two children alongwith reasonable money as children allowance. Age limit for women in service will have to be made forty years plus.

B. Nalanda, Takshila, Rome, Oxford, Harvard, do suggest that institution and country progress go hand in hand, so it is for all countries to decide how they want to be submissive or confident.

C. Senior citizen forums, religious institutions will be encouraged to impart free and Dharma Nirpeksha education to all, in its vicinity. Government will have to contribute to such centre for its successful running. Working women may also be give leave to take care of parents /in-laws in the age of sixty five year plus.

Government will have to contribute initially approximate ten percent budgets on education system for achieving all the above necessities. Above education will also be available to foreign nationals on the same terms and conditions, i.e. no extra -negative or positive.