Family and government earning need to be from multiple sources and for government it is to follow as but before any income it has to be seen that what is source of income, that income should not come by sucking blood of others or by theft, dacoity, looting ,corruption or cheating. Sixty five percent by virtue of tax collected as income tax- Income tax of minimum twelve point five to twenty five percent.

Ten percent as excise duty- on luxurious and harmful products.

Ten percent as Import duty and export duty

Ten percent as its earning by operating necessary public sectors

Half percent as Wealth tax (half percent for maintenance of wealth but after fifty time of tax free income limit)

For individuals earning has to be from agriculture, business than service and lastly temple/lungers but living on interest (sud khori) has to be avoided.

It is all the better to maintain the harmony and caution in expenditure as well as in earnings.

Respect to the Eco (ecology, environment) gives richness and sustains richness.