Nobody bothers what one wears at the bed, and in the bathroom. Those who follow the trend outside forcefully are a pitiable lot and those who follow the trend willingly attract the attention of others either spiritually or sexually. Mankind wears the cloth for variety of reasons to protect or to project. It wears clothes either to save or to show off in various dimensions and colors as per one’s liking and the availability. Liking of colors depends mainly on time and space factor. It is said that; bright white light contains seven colors, viz., violet, indigo, green, yellow orange, and red. These seven colors have seven centers in our body, viz:

Red -Mooladhar the base or sex center ,
Orange-Naval (death center Swadisthan),
Yellow- stomach (Manipur, Sense centre) ,
Green – Heart (Anahat) ,
Blue- throat- (Vishudh-Pure) – speech,
Indigo-Head (Aajya -order) ,
Violet–Sky centre (Sahastrasar -thousand petal of lotus),

If we observe, in marriages mostly red color is used, to arouse sexual feeling. In silver jubilee celebration of marriage-day white/orange dress is appreciable. Saints use orange color, which signifies the Swadisthan (death center- the color of fire in funeral).

Yellow - who generally live in senses,
Green - who are heart full,
Blue - generally by speakers, Orators,
Indigo - used by persons in status of ordering,
Violet - when one is calm, quite and in constantly happy mood,
White - is used and liked by all but mostly those who carry all colors in them,
Black - the absence of color and light is used by the dacoit, seductresses and may be by highly creative persons and black cat commandos.

1. As internal affects the selection of cloth and its color, similarly external colour of clothing’s also affect the internal in the same way.

2. Uniform are for uniformity; it is to create the feeling of unity and equality apart from the Identity and brand for internal and external purpose. This has to be in consonance with kind of service and type of season, age and sex. The irrelevant system in school uniform, such as half pant for children in winter, tie in summer and also tie for girls, has to be corrected. Tie and coat as normal executive dress need not to be encouraged in tropical places. Tie and loose clothing will have to be completely avoided in process industries.

3. Black color will have to be removed from court statue, judges, lawyer uniform and their writing pen and its ink, as black is Lawless. Black being the colour of darkness will have to be removed from entire education convocation system.

4. Depiction of any sign of importance in below-naval part will have to be understood as disrespect and deserve the treatment in the same way. Though Government in general should not have anything to say but we must encourage ourselves to wear clean and respectable cloth to live healthy and to show others to live happily.

5. Colour therapy, a branch of medical science, needs promotion.

6. Discussion in Muslim and Hindu community will have to be encouraged for Burka and purda. Burka is used to protect one’s face both of men and women in Arab countries from heat wave. It’s generally said in Muslims and somewhat in Hindu community that women cannot afford freedom and so they have to be covered, protected and prohibited.

Even Tulsidas, in Ramcharit manas says:

Aamit brishti jimi footi kiyari, jim swatantra bhay bigre nari (with heavy rain water path (of garden/farm) breaks down, similarly female go berserk with freedom) Such sentiments are not reflected in Gita, Vedas, Quran, and Gurugranth Shhib and, as such, are not part of nature and have to be done away with. Hindus and Muslims need to discuss the issue and come out with proper genetics and first exposure corrective methods for future babies and present generation so that fifty percent of us (sister’s mothers and daughters) enjoy the freedom and male doesn’t look odd by wearing cap and extending beard. Prohibition and progress, suppression and happiness are inversely proportional.

7. Dress of leaders: Generally people wear kurta pajama at home and during rest and sleep, and if one is wearing the same dress throughout the day, what can we say?

Wearing loose dress Kurta Pajama, Salwar Kurta throughout the working hours makes one sleepy, lazy, sluggish and less effective. Tight and comfortable waistline while one is at work and awake and loose without inner garments during sleeping, with variations as per season and reason is the best. In every phase facility of coverning head and feet is good.Leader must wear the dress of commoner at hard time, white/ floral dress of riches in development phase of the country, and formal in developed phase.

Jeans-shirt/kurta, Saris/Dhoti s with inner and accessories is the best dress for all type of climate.

8. Cotton silk and woolen are best for cloths that touch body and synthetic and leather are better for accessories, e-g-belt, purse shoe-slipers etc. and these can prefered in the same way for better health.

To maintain hygine it is necessary to have some restriction for wearing dirty cloths, sleepers and shoes in temples and kitchen etc. Media need to take proactive approach in the matter of dress and uniform.