READER: Then you consider that the two world wars, now ongoing economic world war and seeming preparation of another world war can be a predominant cause of the awakening. Do you welcome the unrest which has resulted from it in the visible world?

EDITOR: Two world wars followed by ongoing economic war and seeming preparations of another world war are the main reasons which have affected spiritual masters.

Out of those who have power, many have forgotten their basic duties and are behaving worse than the fish (where big eats smaller), and situation appears to have arisen where dog eats dog. Powerful are doing whatever they feel like and are forcing have-nots to do all sorts of job including working in hazardous and unprotected area, area prone to diseases (anthrax, silicosis, tuberculosis, body deformation-by high radioactive discharge etc.). This is creating larger confusion and chaos in the society. Misuse or rather abuse of power by direct bombing than looting and cheating, or by inciting fear through indirect media manipulation and then looting and cheating have risen to alarmingly high level i.e. to the level of tripping of societal balance. These factors can be considered to be the main reasons for Masters to come forward. Those Countries who have wealth and power, their individuals have enhanced their expenditure and so instead of sharing with the have-not to maintain the health are forcing themselves to loot, cheat and manipulate others, and those who do not have money have no option but to die or to resort to pickpocketing, snatching, blackmailing and becoming easy prey and party of riches to do odd jobs including crime for them.

Common masses are getting increasingly frustrated, bewildered and one can appreciate this fact by the crowd even behind the simple religious preacher to get solace and the hope that they may do something good. Masters say that chaos is predecessor of creation and welcome this unrest.

READER: What is the other form of unrest?

EDITOR: Other forms of unrest can be observed among the masses by their larger participation in anti-corruption rallies, large percentage of voting to change the autocratic, inefficient, corrupt or partitioned leaders and their political party or to allow the forward looking, efficient, comparatively honest, peace loving and strong leader whom they feel good, but swiftly sidelining when this goodness created is doubted or did not live up to dignity.

Limit of the unrest and helplessness or hopelessness can be gauged when people even resorts to suicide. Unrest can easily be observed on the internet by the various writings and comments of general public which do indicate towards having government and its system working on principal of mutual faith and trust in a way better version of Democracy.