Bharatiya Dharma Nirpekshata has been derived from Dharma Grantha where Nirpeksha means Dharma which is non relational i.e. not sapeksh/relational to Hindu, not sapeksh to Muslim, not to Buddhist, not to Christian not to Jews and not sapeksh to x, y, z.

Nirpeksha is opposite to the Sapeksh. Bharat says dharma is ‘Sanatana’ and it includes all Religion in its fold, whereas the word secular causes a little bit of confusion as it means non religious and fully money oriented government. There is no exact word in English for Dharma Nirpeksha.

Dharma Nirpeksha means total religious or fully religious. Bharat as a Dharma Nirpeksha country indicates a fully dharmic (religious) country and it can be called as ’Bharat - Dharma Rastra, Bharat – Religious Country’.

The name “Bharat” (Bha –light, and rat –busy) has came after its efforts to enlighten the mankind, by various sages. The name ‘Hindustan’ and ‘India’ has been assigned to it by others from the common source ‘Sindhu’: One stream start calling it ‘Sindhu –Hindu – Hindustan’ While another stream start calling it ‘Sindhu’ – ‘Indu’ – ‘India’

The name, which came out after its work, quality, attitude and behavior is of paramount Importance e.g. Doctor, Jeweler, Builder, Minister in comparison to simple names of persons or cities like Lallu, Kallu, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. We can easily decide as to how we would like it to be called: Hindustan, India or Bharat.

Bharat gives bright white light, which encompasses all colours of life and lives. Individuals with their colored lens can see in it their desired color, and appreciate it. The word ‘Sanatana’ truly indicates Bharat old and new alike.

Bharat was is and will remain Dharma Nirpeksha (as it is in the blood and marrow of every Bhartiya); so any effort of meddling with it or calling it Secular will cause unhappiness to all of us.

Various on- going interactions (national and international) between Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus of aggression, promotional conversion, adoption of yoga, dhyan, sadhna are indicative of mixing and assimilation and consequently emerging Dharma Nirpeksha (fully religious - Sanatana) world order. Media a maker of life has to behave as Dharma Nirpeksha.