Power is better than intelligence/conscience.

"One Powerful is feared by hundreds of intelligent( gyani), only powerful can stand on his own feet, By standing on his own feet, he becomes capable of serving the guru, by serving the guru he becomes able to sit with the guru, by sitting with the Guru he becomes listener, thinker, doer and he finally become conscious scientist (vigyani)”.

If one is a criminal what is he doing in the open? Are we not criminal creator by letting him open? Whether the person is criminal minded or one is charged with criminality by opposing the set free criminal? It is better that so called criminals, (but good at heart) take the front seat than working behind and allowing lawyers to justify criminality of white clad Rajnetic parties will have to see whether one is criminal minded or courageous, and should come forward to take cooperation of such good people. Rajnetic parties will have to restrict ticket distribution to intelligent Rascals and gentlemen bastards.

Efforts should be made to speed up Nyay (justice), and Nyay (justice) will have to see whether he is a forced criminal or just a criminal.

Where Valmiki and Angulimal are examples, need we say more? At least it is for all the powerful persons good at heart, even if they are convicted.