It is corruption in the nature, which is responsible for evolution and revolution, growth and decay. All the living, individually and collectively; grows because of corruption in food and festivity. As the individual, society and country grows corruption changes phase from pure physical to mental. On primal and physical level, underdeveloped countries are the most corrupt, developing less corrupt, and developed still less corrupt; whereas in advance level developed countries are generally mentally more corrupt than underdeveloped and developing countries.

It may be appreciated that most of the time mental corruption, is a cause of other corruption. Mental corruption is the root of evilness, path of non- religiousness and path of unhappiness. This evilness increases when righteous withdraw and allows in experienced and confused to lead. By the withdrawal of righteous the finer balance of corruption (i.e. salt in food) is disturbed and leads to chaotic and even Adharmic (nonreligious) situation.

1. Generally in a country if a head/prime minister is corrupt than s/he will be obliged to have his trustee/minister as corrupt and subordinates as honest. This will further lead to situation where in minister also take his/her trustee as corrupt and like to have his subordinate as honest and like this chain continue. In the same way if the head/Prime minister is inefficient s/he will select ministers in efficient minister wil select in-efficient secretaries and inefficient secretory will select in-efficient Chairman's, director, district administrator so on and so forth. In both the above way whether it is corrupt or in-efficient system collapses. So it is to be seen that peoples in the top are selected with utmost care. This is the basic flaw in democracy where in head are elected and generally by manipulation of media or failure of others. To have better future we need to have a process where in head is selected by the sage (one group of enlighten people with some divine power) may be amongst the elected member or if required from unelected, and this system indicates that we need to advance toward devine democracy.

2. Normally every body understands that happiness is the only goal of life and to remain happy is to remain with Dharma (Religious). Who will not agree that in order to maintain happiness we have to dedicate ourselves for eradication/destroy of Adharma (unreligious). For establishment of Dharma we have to first streamline the system and then if necessary we have to prepare ourselves for Dharma -Yuddha/Jihad. We will have to take care of vigilance system and Nyay Vyavastha (judiciary) to check and contain/restrain corruption (Physical and Mental) under the vigilant eye of Sages.

We need to fight against Ravana or Duryodhana of corruption and May be we have to fight like we have fought with Ravan/Duryadhan to eradicate (corruption) this very cause of evilness. We have to be ready for extermination of evilness and establishment of dharma and system like Divine Aristocracy.