1. Changing scenario in our country as well in global village suggest that we should prepare a simple, short, flexible, global yet local in application good and guiding constitution. Dishes prepared by mixing best of every item in it can best be suited to garbage or at best can prepare Khichadi, which is a food to deceased. Anything prepared by collecting best thing from entire world can best be suited to museums. World best collections like Britannica encyclopedia hardly helps the student and common man except in the game show like, quiz 'Who will become millionaire'. Any constitution, which can be redefined by court and make Member of Parliament to resign on the simple definition and utility of office of profit or which can create rift in Parliament and Supreme court on clear-cut assignment of responsibilities and authority can be regarded as constitution having multi-meaning statement. Such multi-meaning constitution can neither help its constituents, nor can it reverberate with nature and remain fresh.

2. For so called sacrosanct yet continuously amended, clear yet regularly redefined, well-distributed but rarely referred constitution, we have to take wholesome view; and if possible we have to promote various free lancing group to prepare; correction, modification or altogether afresh constitution and then promote these group to join together to arrive at consensus constitution

3. We hold elections after elections and seek the verdict of citizens as defined in constitution, but it is a surprise that the very constitution has not got any direct verdict of countrymen and women. It will be all the better to correct our past mistake and seek approval of constitution itself from countrymen and women even now.