A) Human workforce is vulnerable moody and predictable. To remain powerful idea and thought always remained that how one can remain free from this unpredictability and at the same time get its work done, and this vary idea has lead to the creation and development of machinery. How the development of machines has taken place shows the intention of the promoter and promotional activist. In furtherance of thought after invention of telephone and computers, development of mechanism and its control was considered necessary to have maximum information and maximum recorded wisdom in its fold; therefore the internet and intranet were promoted. By watching the pattern it can be said that information technology will reach its zenith within few years.

B) As selfishness is not a monopoly of any individual or country, so everybody is engaged in these dubious tactics and no one appears to be worried of its international outcome but we have to be watchful, alert and agile and action oriented.

C) In a situation where machine and information start getting more and more weightage newer machine/technology/toy which will have more features and sophistication, will seek more importance in its area, and in all other walks of life.

D) As the knowledge increases with quantum of information one has, younger lot by virtue of being young, will have more access to new information and so will become more informative and more knowledgeable. In society with this attitude and government. with such wishes, promoter will respect the young lot and will form the rules to protect the right of the children, and by respecting the newer-younger (and some time even at the expense of wise and old) promoters will show that it is respecting the information and knowledge. Information and knowledge if not screened through wisdom can bring bad or good or both simultaneously. Any New information and knowledge must pass the test of wise and old. So in line with the information and knowledge centers, government has to promote Masters and Gurus Ashram for its screeing.

In this regard followings are submitted.

1. New and old make the society, new need love and old need love/respect, homogeneity is necessary. In Western societies, importance to information and knowledge gave rise to more respect to young and disrespect to old; it need not be encouraged to have wholesome view.

2. Children must watch the bigwigs of industries, that how much time these tech-savvy devote on computers and information system, and plan accordingly (if at all young wants to follow bigwig otherwise individuals should make their own plans).

3. Government will not intervene in the development of this sector. Electronic and electrical industries will also be considered for similar approach.

4. Government in voice, text and other communication will have to augment the effort of convergence. We will have to have our own Internet base and authority systems. Convergence system need to be with in-built facility of islanding (i.e. making Silo operation) to safeguard with possible danger of electronic bombs and missiles.

Development in mobile to give affordable tariff and slogan, one country- one traiff is a good step, and can be applied in other areas. Level playing field is not only to be provided to service provider but also to the consumers. Present scenario of use more and pay less is amounting to facilities to riches at the cost of poor and efficient user. Rationalization and simplicity of tariff plan will have to be introduced. Government will have to ensure that all service providers including that of govenment do not have more than twenty percent profits.

Government will have to continue its effort of launching newer and newer satellites, increasing the availability and reducing the tariff.