A. If we closely watch western society we can appreciate the existence of following group or class.

1) Of planner, research and development scientist, i.e. user of intellect or wisdom one in outward and another in inward direction. This class provides support to ruling and business class through its intellect and wisdom for functioning of society.

2) Of ruling class, political (mostly white), armed forces and police. Here bravery is used-one in refined way and another in raw and physical way. Here style of ruling in one is of high class and in second is of low class. This class takes the responsibility of functioning of society through the rules and regulations framed by class one.

3) Of business class as, Industrialists, entrepreneurs in one way and stockbrokers by manipulation and mind game in another way. These are two types of business class one uses more brevity, and other uses more intellect.

4) Of service class – supporting and get supported from all the three above. This class is more action oriented but dependent.

Though this division is horizontal but in America it is taking vertical shape in spite of so much freedom. Further if we observe worldwide we can appreciate the same division, and this can be regarded as natural phenomenon. Here we can also observe the shifting of people from one class to another, for example industrialist/entrepreneur/businessman switches to ruling class, whereas stock broker/banker switches to planner or to Research and Development but these hardly shift to low level police or armed force job.

B. If we compare it with caste system in Bharat, we can appreciate the universality of our class system of Brahmins, Kshatriy’s, Vaish’s and Service Class (Sudras) and can take pride in well-defined system of horizontal division. With time as happened everywhere, in Bharat also, this system has taken vertical shape more than the horizontal division but now again horizontal division is taking place e.g. Sharma Shoe Centre or Ahirwar Astrology Center, but still needs checks and balances.

C. It is also said that everybody in his lifetime passes through all these four castes, Sudra (service) up to twenty four years, vaish (businessman) from twenty four to forty eight, Kshatriya (fighter-ruler) forty eight to seventy two, Brahmin (planner-educator) seventy two to ninty six years and after ninty six years like sadhu. It is further said that everybody already have these four castes in one’s body –Legs and hands as service provider, stomach procreation as business, chest to Kshatriya, head to Brahmin. As per above it is duty of business class stomach in body, grihastha ashrami in family and businessman in society to provide requisite nutrients/food/money to other three categories to have harmonious body, family and society.

Similarly other three categories have to serve other three categories without any fervor or favours, in other word Brahmins planner (teacher)/Kshatriya fighter, ruler)/Bania(businessman/sudra(service provider) should not feel that that they are superior or inferior and put others on task or ransom.

D. Bharat also classifies fifth class, i.e. class of Sadhus and says;
Jat na puchho sadhu ki, punch lijiye gyan,
Mol karo talwar ka, pari rahan do myan.

(Don’t ask the caste of Sadhu (Saint) ask his wisdom; ask the cost of sword and not of its cover).

Apart from Sadhus still another class is identified which can take the work of any class but only one at a time, and this class is revered as Guru the sages, “last class belongs to almighty”.

With serenity we accept this division (which is universal in nature).

1. Government must provide all support to remove unseen barrier and restriction causing vertical division strengthened. All temples, mosques and Gurudwaras will have to be free for every caste and class in the country. Violator will have to be dealt sternly. Bharat will have to take up the task of removing untouchable system in the world such as in holy Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina etc. (formal code of conduct has to be followed by the visitors to these places)

2. Reservation, which is only for two percent of total job i.e. Government job, cannot change the condition of downtrodden. Discussion will have to be initiated, inter and intra class, inter and intra religion for the improvement of lives of service class (Sudras), as removal of mental barrier is primary and must for the upliftment of this class and nation as a whole.

3. Discussion on present reservation will have to be deferred for eight to ten year to watch the effort of above point and as such status quo will have to be maintained for next eight to ten years. Economic package for study and entrepreneurship will have to be considered, discussed and implemented for all the poor people.

4. With government providing reservations to SC/ST, OBC and minority, what actually happened on the ground is that riches and famous have reserved ninty eight percent of the jobs for them by creation of costly education system. These costly private schools and colleges debar the so-called reserved class at the very onset and do not see long-term repercussion. To remove this, we have to make all education free at all levels and on merit.

5. Caste which comes out of characteristic is of paramount importance than caste come out of birth; anyone doing business has to be called Vaish (Bania), those doing service as sudras, doing jobs in armed forces as Kshatriya, doing planning, and research as Brahmins. As there is freedom to change religion there has to be freedom to change caste as per work.

6. As per Varna Vyavastha, Vaish (Businessmen) need to worship the form/Idol/Aakar/upcoming children and take care of /temple/mosque and other infrastructure. For Vaish like Grihastha ashrami Bhakti is the yoga and Idol is to worship.

Vaish - Grihastha - Bhakti-yogi.
For Service sector/ Sudra/ like bhramchari – work is worship. Karma is yoga.
Sudra-Bhramchari – Karma-yogi.
For Kshatriya (Leaders – fighter-judges), like Banprasthi prayer (Tantra – Mantra – Jap – strot) is to worship and Jnan is the yoga.
Kshatriya – Banprasthi – Jnan-yogi.
For Brahmin like sanyasi (Sanyas Ashram) formless (Nirakar) is to worship and Raj is the yoga (Raj yoga).
Brahmin – Sanyasi – Raj yogi.
Further to it Bharat has defined another class of sadhu/saint/Mahatma for them every sector, every type of worship, every type of yoga is available.
Sadhu/mahatma – Sarva-ashram –Yogiraj,
Astrologer/Priest/Poojari/Maulvi has larger responsibilities and society must select them with utmost care.

7. Those person who after the completion of Bhramcharya ashram marries and enters into Grihastha ashram but adopt profession of Service/Sudra, or Vaish, or Kshatriya or of Brahmin, they all have to live as Grihastha/Bhakti yogi/Idol worshiper at home but outside they have to behave as per their chosen profession. This is what Dharma says. One needs to be proud in its working expertise whether it is Charmkar (Leatherman), Swarnkar (goldsmith), beautician, dietician, electrician or politician. Government has to see that one gets sufficient remuneration for his or her service whether it is physical, mental or both and maximum to minimum ratio of remuneration remains at fifteen maximum.