To be busy is to be in business, to be busy is all correct but to always remain in business is not so, rest is necessary. We can appreciate those who call themselves business men/women; Stress, strain fatigue surrounds them and becomes their companion and then reflected through their face and body. In bewildered society commerce will top, service will be second, farming the third and alms the fourth and last resort. Society which starts going down, remains in this condition and somewhat like this, but in society’s initial phase of development trend goes, like Alms the best, service the second, commerce (business) is lower and farming is the last resort.

1) Business in any work is must for body to remain fit and it provides the most when freedom and closeness to nature is most. Old and wise by virtue of it says that following should be the priority.

Uttam kheti madhyam wan,
Nikristha chakri bheekh nidan

“Best is farming and creation from nature, middle is commerce (business), lower is service (slavery) and alms taking the last resort”.

2) When goal is clear, direction is decided, resources follow and statistics start showing the result. In real sense economics is that, which emanates from earth-ecology and environment.

3) Mother says in the morning remember that in this world karma is main and what ever we do we get the same result and start working and in the night remember that what ever one do result will be what Ram/Allah wants and so there is no point of discussion ursion/tension and sleep peacefully.

In happy society it was and it will be the norm.