BHARAT (BHA + RAT), BHA- LIGHT, FLAME, ENERGY, RAT- BUSY, i.e. busy in Enlightenment,( its white Aura contains every Colour of Life).

Bharat is a natural leader of the world. It is necessary for Bharat to behave as a natural leader of the world in all its vibrancy and dynamism, to remain healthy happy and holy, and setting examples for others to follow. Chaos or catastrophe may happen if Bharat does not behave as leader.

Bharat understands that the path to leadership is via heart to head, via mental makeup to physical action, via words, acts and deeds. Bharat in the past maintained it and will follow the same path.

Visionaries are the natural leaders. Visionary foresee then discloses it, and shows the Goal, and we understand that Goal attracts and also shows the path for its achievement.

We will have to respect the visionaries, sages, seers and Sufis and must follow their orders to remain happy, healthy and holy. It is a different story that such a class commands respects and never feels hungry for respect.

Highest planning, execution and coordination body will have to continuously seek the blessings of all such sages, seers, and Sufis (living in isolation or in family) and act and behave in the ordered way for the overall wellbeing.

The orders of Seers, Sages and Sufis will have to have overriding power from all existing laws. This is must to maintain dynamism and sustenance of natural leadership (as these orders come directly from nature in advance and are different in calamities, war, and festivities).

Leader is an institution, shaped by circumstances, blessed by sages, backed by masters, promoted by intelligentsia, moves through followers and works for the common destiny of canvas. This is a structured phenomenon and works in this fashion only. Any variation leads to catastrophe and must be avoided at all cost. Single person institution is a rarity and is a monopoly like ‘Krishna’.