Whatever we give to others comes back to us through natural channel. Whether it is worst, bad, good or best that we give to others will come back to us after some time through natural channel.

“If women folks all around the world are not getting best, it only indicates that somewhere they are not giving their best vis-a-vis their male counter-part to the society” either as daughter, sister, friend, wife or even mother. Our entire behavior throughout our life depends mainly on genetics and exposures we get. In exposures, it has been researched that for every newborn, first exposure is of paramount importance.

Male and female complement/supplement each other. At the birth male child by virtue of being male get first exposure of mother and gets right and complete exposure, whereas girl child hardly gets the first exposure of father, rather she also get first exposure of mother, and so remain lacking in strength, courage and gets enhancement of jealousy, cunningness, etc.Very few girl children get first exposure of father, and if one knows such female she/he can appreciate the importance of first exposure. It is further observed that humans who got first exposure of both parents simultaneously turned out to be good human beings, contented yet progressive i.e. with somewhat intrinsic blissfulness.

1) Past industrialization was more mechanical, whereas current industrialization is mixture of mechanical and software driven mechanical. Future Industrialization will be mainly software driven. Women being more expert in software will lead the industrialized world in coming days, and men will just be a help to these software driver women. Women folks can feel elated, whereas men folks can take it as a natural progression.

2) To improve upon the genetics of future generation selection of mating or marriage partner is of paramount importance and society needs to take marriage issue also from this perspective (i.e. marriage in close or cross clan or mixture).

3) Encouragement of semen bank for better genetic order is not a good concept as in this new born will not be able to receive rightful first exposure and lively and lovely care in the childhood.

4) Both parents have to be allowed few days leave to take care of the new born. Father will have to be allowed in hospital delivery room and it will be compulsory if the expected new born is a girl. Ultrasonic test will have to be allowed to detect sex of the new coming, for father to arrange his presence from far flung area. Killing of baby (boy or girl child) is a crime and will have to be dealt criminally. Ultrasonic test performer has to keep record and ensure the delivery. Indicative punishment along with sufficient financial penalty will have to be made on the killers of unborn baby girl.

5) Child at birth comes from darkness of mother womb; delivery in floodlight causes partial blindness, and causes increased use of specs, needs discussion with doctors, however, delivery in candlelight will be best.

6) To take care of the baby, employed mother need to be granted three to six year leave with ten percent plus pay. Private sector need to evolve some criteria wherein government also shares the financial burden. Further to it taking care of age old parents is more a responsibility of adult and leaving them un-attended or to servent give indication that they are also going to get the same treatement in their old age. Society need to discuss about these and may give guideline for families to follow.

7) Issuance of birth certificate is the responsibility of the hospital and statistics department and may have to be door delivered. Help of Eunuchs by statistics department can be appreciated to keep data of birth and marriage. Department of birth and death need to include marriage certifications as well.

8) Laws on women specially that of eve teasing and rape, do not take care of the fault of women. All round the world it has been observed that the way of women is of attracting and not that of first move. Further more in case of rape it has been observed the person known does that eighty percent of rape. Emergence of such harsh law would fear male to behave properly, and further this has given enough arms and ammunition to errant women to falsify someone and jeopardize entire life of the other. Recent case in Indian Supreme Court (2005-06) wherein a girl first accuses her father for rape and gets him the life imprisonment, later on submitted affidavit, of her father being innocent and complaint was made on behest of mother (i.e. wife of that person). Now court thinks of punishing the mother of that girl. One can laugh on it. It is the court and judges, which are guilty.Proactive and open eyes action with the help of secret service are needed before arriving at, and passing any decision on family and women issue. Such open eyes are also needed to respect the women in all its variations i.e. daughter, niece, sister, sister-in-law, friend, wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Women don’t mean male sex object, from sixteen to forty eight years of age as is generally portrayed in west.

9) Male and female differ in variety of ways. Imparting same education to both is injustice to both. Present education system is mainly male oriented. Effort will have to be made to implement.

“Women education – women oriented”.
10) With marriage a different life starts; nowhere in the world are young’s trained at the right time for their journey into the marriage life. Education centers will be encouraged to impart this training and if needed also to open such centers. Sex education has to be imparted at this time apart from culture, ethos, behaviors, baby care to both sex, but more so to women to enjoy the married life.

11) Every religion has compared women to earth and so all earthly matters can be handled well by female, and will have to be encouraged through religious centers for women to be in charge of the same in the house. Husband is supposed to give minimum twelve point five percent i.e. one eight of his in-come from the day-one of marriage as her part-share.

12) It has been observed that women especially in Bharat does not maintain friendship after marriage, which many a time reduce their vision along with feeling of elation. Women folk in Bharat along with its family and society religious leader have to discuss and decide afresh for happy future. Friend – fri-end (one can fry until end) is one relation which lasts longer than any other relationship.

13) It has been observed and discussed with various Muslim women, in what way they feel difference vis–a-vis their Christian, Hindu counterpart. Almost all the women (to its amazement) said: somewhere in our sub-conscious or more so in conscious it is ingrained that we are not part of the ownership in the household, we can be discarded at any moment, that too with the sanction; so we take care more of our body to remain attractive and spend more money on food and some time on unessential things. Many Arab Muslim women say that they make it a point that money should not accumulate at home otherwise husband will bring another woman (strange but fact).

“Bharat will have to initiate national and international debate on this issue by virtue of being leader of Muslim countries, by the sheer strength of its Muslim population. Muslim society need deep thinking and come out with some conclusion and action and Muslim can do it as they have done in Makka and Madina by allowing Non-Muslim medicals and paramedical staff in vicinity.

14) The slogan (Sloka) “Yatra naryastu pujayante, ramante tatra devata” (God resides where women are respected) has done more harm than good; it does not deal with the creation at mutual respectable level; it may sound sometime, “Yatra purushah pujayant, ramante tatra Nishacharat” (Satan resides where men are respected).

By the continuous use of this slogan woman is either made as an idol or regarded as sacrificer and consoled for it. By this woman is preyed often rather than prayed. Further this slogan has raised the fight between the deities; i.e. sister, mother, wife daughter, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

A new slogan: “Yatra jeevah pujayante, ramante tatra devata” (God resides where life is respected) has to be the norm.Above action will start showing result after ten to twenty years and will change the scene in next fourty to fifty years. This will require continuous effort and we have to dedicate ourselves for it, as it will make the world a living paradise.