One can hardly conclude through the history what teenagers should do. Few treat teenagers as children and others treat them as adults and still others treat them as mixture. This treatment to teenagers is as per conveniences and not as per the wishes of teenagers. Some say they are at learning stage and others say that basic understanding has taken place and will take shape in due course of time. A few say that girl and boy of teen age should stay remote with each other; others say that girl is marriageable at the onset of puberty and others say it is the age of dating and meeting with no hard feeling.

1. As such for this vibrant and most dynamic age where dreams take the centre stage sufficient guidance is generally not available. Brain storming and heart pondering has to be initiated, among the thinkers as well as among this group. Sufficient facilities should follow the discussion and its outcome, with enough room for newer and newer recommendations.Teenagers require an umbrella type protection and freedom.

2. Exhibitions for the teenagers have to be arranged in towns and cities showing broad avenues for future, showing newer dimensions for research and application. Exhibitions must project certain areas where nobody generally like to go along with common learning and earning ventures so that teenagers would like to adding in their venture i.e. adventure.

3. Parents of teenagers need to behave as friend, guide, critic, conscience keeper and at the same time also as parent. At this age quality time is also required apart from quantity time of parents. Fully grown cannot said to be a ripe fruit, ripening of fruit takes fifty percent more time after full growth and it is the time of patience. Similarly if puberty starts from thirteen-seventeen years then boy-girls will take seven-eight more years to grow as sex partner. Sex education to teenagers can be given at marriageable age, before those precautionary preventive measures have to be told to them so as to develop themself as better human being.

“Teenager needs projection of art of living as well as Act of living”.