Everybody knows that babies are born out of sexual activity, yet everybody understands that it is something else than mere sexual activity (The Kam - Karma work), which is responsible or rather reproduces the similar kind. Sexual activity which produces chaos of chromosome may create or may not create. What kind of creation will take place also depends on physical and mental condition of partner, place and weather, etc., and these all shape up the future baby and future of baby.

Babies' success story starts from sucking the energy and milk. Those who suck in excess (SUCk-exCESS) are so called successful and those who suck like honeybee are Safal. Sucking in excess causes sickness to mother and baby (giver and taker), whereas sucking as per need/suitability provides satisfaction to both and all.

Of more than twelve thousand subjects It referred during the last twelve years in India, which included, beggar, farmer, reformer, flier, driver and driven, millionaire and billionaire along with country’s premier, everybody said that their parents were slightly less financially sound, but grandfather of every one it talked to was poor. All these people said that “this is because, in their grandparents time the country was not independent, and in their parents time country was at its nascent stage and now we can say that we are at teenager’s stage”.

Everybody said that though success is an individual effort but result is a collective one; efforts, wishes, desires and destiny. Everybody says that if gap between individuals enhances too much like five star hotels and five square meter hut then dacoity and looting, suppression and aggression, provocation and protection, life saving and life taking mechanism increases.

As such, for Safalta (success) everybody indicated the need to have a system based on nature which is guided by all great sages, messengers and Gurus in current paradigm and is prerennial (sanatan). It says that success comes after succeeding and after success comes succession, and at present we all are at a transitory phase. Success in short depends on:For the successful Society, we may have to do many present things differently, and many new things may be in a similar way.

It is those, “who follow the guidance of nature or almighty and surrender their work (Karma) to the nature, success from their Karma soon cometh to pass, and such are happy and loving”.