On announcement by a sage that he is characterless, king asked him, 'does it mean that he will resort to flirting, theft, and dacoity etc.

"Sage answered that being of character is being predefined, pre-decided like living machine whereas when one 'awakens' and starts living with nature; she/he becomes able to respond or is response-able. When one is able to respond then only one is responsible (response-ability). Moreover, when one is not responsible then only s/he can be characterized.

Looking at current situation in our country, we can safely say that here nobody is able to respond whether it is His Excellency or Her Excellency, Chief Justice or so called free press and, as such nobody appears to be responsible.

Five pillars of ‘demo-cracy’ (people, parliament, judiciary, executive and press) in last so many years have not been able to provide single story building and are still standing as separate pillars and common man is watching the scenario with confusion.

Here in the name of so-called responsibility, some time a Chairman is suspended for the mistake of a very junior labour, and sometime a police inspector is jailed for the mistake of a judge. Here wheat is imported amidst bumper harvest and onion is exported at the time of shortage and nobody feels the responsibility. Here police reaches after the incidence and judgment is announced after death. It is such a hotchpotch, that nobody can put the blame squarely on any one - an overall irresponsible system, running on god’s grace. Very few individuals who are sincere and sensible are burdened and feel extra sufferer.

Following is for improvement:

Out of five pillars i.e. public 'Parliament, Press, Judiciary and Executive' we have to decide and announce who is supreme leader and overall responsible.Once the above is decided we have to force and enforce the leader to make system improvement in the entire five pillars, for directional and responsible behavior and working.

Due to overindulgence of government in society and family business, responsible behavior has somewhat evaporated in them. The concept of welfare government has given farewell to individual’s responsibility toward society.

It is said that with freedom comes the responsibility; it is rather the other way round. When one is responsible, then only one can afford the freedom, otherwise one remains in mental subjugation even when one is physically free.