“Dharyate iti Dharma” that which encompasses is Dharma (religion).
Dharma (religion) is faith, innate in every body, and is Sanatana (perpetual) in nature. In humans it takes the shape after first Arth –i.e. means, meaning, money and physique then Kam (work, sex –the physical love) then Religion (physical love and psycho physical love - a regional love) then Moksha –the freedom (benevolence or simply love – all inclusive), at this forth stage it become Dharma.

Dharma is Sanatana (perennial, perpetual); Dharma is natural and one with the nature, dharma covers the entire region and religion in its fold. The ways sages and Sufis lived their lives testify this fourth step.Dharma is inward which waters karma for outward development, firm connection between both defines kismat (Luck) which in turn brings rhythm in life.

Religion is like river (may be purest Ganga) which culminates into sea the Sanatan. Religion/river may flood may dry but never equal the sea. All the river get water from sea and all the religion get basic energy from Sanatan Dharma. Disconnection with dharma which makes one floating or so called adharmi, doesnot sustain long, whether it is of individual or of group.
A. Sages have described God, Allah, and Bhagwan, as omnipotent, Omni present in all, Omni in character and as an integral self. Integral self integrates all it doesn’t leave any differentiation Wherever dharma originated, it started as faith that is Sanatana in nature and regional love and later on as name was attached to it, that is why we did not find name of that religion in that particular religious book, whether it is Quran, Gita or Guru Granth Sahib etc.
B. Spirituality is the very base- the essence of all things including politics. On the base of spirituality, nations are formed and take geographical shape according to the suitability of region and religion. Politics is profession emanating from Rajniti and for many, politics is like any other profession.

Above suggests the following-
1. All the religions are great had they not been great they would not have survived so long. Instead of finishing one or other religion we should promote and wait for their submergence or assimilation as different rivers submerges into the sea the Sanatan.
2. Veda-Puran, Quran-Bible are like our soul and it is also true that we are defined by Veda-Puran, Quran-Bible, but still what we will do tomorrow that is not there in all these(Veda hamari atma, hum vedo ke main, Kal hame jo karna, wah vedo me nain).
3. By sheer strength of country of largest Muslim population, and its natural leader along with largest Hindu Population, We have to assume the natural responsibility to spread the essence of all religion to worldwide population .
4. This natural responsibility also comes to us by the virtue of originator of many religions; apart from it having been a place where Moses, Jesus stayed. We have to see that religion stands and spreads, not by fear of hell, but by virtue of love.
5. All religion emanates from region. Where region is covered with one religion, religion automatically have dictating power for entire region (like Vatican), but wherein various regions and religions combine and form one country, people’s collective power will supersede any or all regional or religional power, and this is the natural (Dharma) and have to be accepted with serenity.

6. Government will have to encourage more and more international religious conferences, discussions and interactions in its land as well as outside. We will have to encourage and help in disseminating or spreading the outcome of religious conference for the betterment of international community so as to spread the feeling of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” (international family).
In last twenty six hundred year religion spread either by sword or stein gun or by strategic state power but never because of religious supremacy. In an interconnected and internet connected world religion will rise because of its overall supremacy in this scenario every religion is expected to participate in comparative presentation of their religion vis-a-vis other religion so that essence of every religion can spread in all the region of world.

7. Government will have to encourage operating at least one Annakuta/Lunger, Quran- Khani at each block for the respect of Sufis, saints and Nihangs etc. Acceptance of food, which now appear, as begging has to be curbed .

8. We will have to encourage setting up of religious centers associated with religious study centre in its length and breadth, covering at least three religions e.g. Hindu, Muslim and Sikh.

9. We will have to encourage building of Golden Mosque, Golden Mandir, in line with golden temple of Amritsar.
It feels- at least the reading of all religious scripture must be started at religious place. Onus and responsibility to start it lie on those who feel their religion is superior and are not afraid. It feels that who so ever gives, gets in return later or sooner. Sanatan (so called Hindu) Dharma can and has to initiate it {i.e. to allow worshipper to worship in temples as idol worship or jap strot (recitation of prayer) or as nirakar (formless) or for saint and Sufis}.