Anyone with minor intelligence can appreciate that the mix follows after intermingling of opposite black and white.

If we observe round the globe we can appreciate the existence of mainly three races black, white and mix (wheatish). If we watch closely in the countries where all races live together in varied percentage then one can easily appreciate the emergence of hybrid of black and white that is mix. Such intermingling happens by the variety of reasons in hundreds/thousands of years which are sometimes even beyond the control of human being. Such emergence can easily be seen in television/film as an indicative by the presence of few top models/singers.

The mix variety of eastern and few western like Brazil, Mexico needs not take pride in its mix color, with sufficiently strong skin to protect it from skin cancer and skin disease (prevalent in white) and ahead of other races. It’s just god’s grace.

Bharat has always revered the shyam (bluish black) colour of Krishna and other will follow this trend in time to come. Fairness on account of seashores & deserts hot and cold weather will continue to exist.

We would watch the natural convergence as god’s wish, without any inhibition. We takes pride in our deep root and would eliminate white dwarf concept, as natural leaders are those whose roots are deep and those only can go higher and highest.