Faith and procreation is an innate desire in all living beings, and this is more so in female than her male counterpart. We can appreciate that women are more religious and also more desirous of babies. Any interference with it is playing against the nature.

In West when churches could not, or rather failed, to direct their youth and when youth of West did not find themselves contented with churches they felt a vacuum, and as nature abhor vacuum this place was filled by hippie culture and sexual gratification and in order to sustain sexual liberation, women folks refuse to carry the babies. This situation was further accentuated by frequent divorce and problems related with single parents. Money saved for children’s development was invested in purchasing newer and newer technological toys for luxuries to avoid boredom of loneliness.

Declining population in the West though alerted the Western intelligentsia, but they find themselves unable to cope with the internal ethical problems. Declining Western Population and increasing Eastern population had worried them that this increasing population will take over their country. Propelled by this unnecessary future fear, western clerics started propagating the theme of Small family and Family planning. To support its propaganda it got developed devices and methods for birth control, and to supplement the theme, media was used to propagate that population is the core problem for the growth and development of the countries.

Taking inference from the above thought few countries and few other clerics started assuming that if our country and our clan have the largest population then we will rule the world. In the nature whatsoever we suppress, becomes obsession, and whatsoever we encourage gets subdued, and this is true for East as well as for West, one is having problem of less population and another is having problem of more population.

1. Government will have to wind up population control department. All restrictions attached to large family and promotion of small family will have to be withdrawn. To have or not to have, is an individual choice. However Birth control facility will have to be available for those who desire. Government support or punishment in the matter of birth control or promotion; of large family has to be stopped in the Estern as well as in Western countries.

2. Government should shun it’s so called projection of welfare state and encourage the masses mostly through religious centers, that their followers should lead happy and healthy life (without begging) and then whether they produce Pandavs, Ram, also surtains Lakhan, Gita, Sita, Hazrat, Akbar, Antony, Rajia etc., government is not concerned.

3. World human population in last sixty year has grown three to four fold from two hundred crore to appox seven hundred crore mainly because of introduction of electricity, petroleum product in every walk of life (be it medical facility, sustainance of metro's, highrise building and slums, heating and cooling support to inhabitation near polor region as well as in desert), such growth is vunerable .

Religious center e.g. Churches, mosque, Temples, Gurudwara has to come forward so that concept of balance family is establishes and sustains in the society.