EDITOR: Though it is old but still as you asked I would like to submit that: It was observed that Garibaldi and Victor Emanuel appearing to be saint opposing the ‘Satan’ becomes like them (it is most difficult to remain innocent after defeating criminals). Arm rebel whether it is of Italy or of former USSR or simple transfer of power like in India has not produced desired result, only the ruling class got changed.

If we observe the history of last one hundred year than we will appreciate that lot has been changed in the world scenario many of the votaries and admirer of arms only have gone astray and few are about to go.

For internal changes use of arms are not advisable this is similar to the condition of internal disease wherein cutting/chopping of body part is not advised. For internal disease, remediation, meditation, medicines are advised and if not cured then operation or even endurance is suggested. Similarly for internal change in the country mediation, memorandums are advised and if not achieved than endurance and change of government are advised. In the case of external aggression, first defense and effort for peaceful co-existence then attack is suggested, as for mosquito’s, cleaning of area, mosquito net/repellent or spray of chemical is suggested.

Peace achieved by surrendering to opponent reduces/cut one in pieces whether it is physical or mental, as such humility is useless for external aggression.

On the similar question Mr. Gandhi reply is:

It is well that you have instanced Italy. Mazzini was a great and good man; Garibaldi was a great warrior. Both are adorable; from their lives we can learn much. But the condition of Italy was different from that of India. In the first instance, the difference between Mazzini and Garibaldi is worth noting. Mazzini’s ambition was not and has not yet been realized regarding Italy. Mazzini has shown in his writings on the duty of man that every man must learn how to rule himself. This has not happened in Italy. Garibaldi did not hold this view of Mazzini’s. Garibaldi gave, and every Italian took arms. Italy and Austria had the same civilization; they were cousins in this respect. It was a matter of tit for tat. Garibaldi simply wanted Italy to be free from the Austrian yoke. The machinations of Minister Cavour disgrace that portion of the history of Italy. And what has been the result? If you believe that because Italians rule Italy the Italian nation is happy, you are grouping in darkness. Mazzini has shown conclusively that Italy did not become free. Victor Emanuel gave one meaning to the expression; Mazzini gave another. According to Emanuel, Cavour and even Garibaldi, Italy meant the King of Italy and his henchmen. According to Mazzini, it meant the whole of the Italian people, that is, its agriculturists. Emanuel was only its servant. The Italy of Mazzini still remains in a state of slavery. At the time of the so-called national war, it was a game of chess between two rival kings with the people of Italy as pawns. The working classes in that land are still unhappy. They, therefore, indulge in assassination, rise in revolt, and rebellion on their part is always expected.

What substantial gain did Italy obtain after the withdrawal of the Austrian troops? The gain was only nominal. The reforms for the sake of which the war was supposed to have been undertaken have not yet been granted. The condition of the people in general still remains the same. I am sure you do not wish to reproduce such a condition in India. I believe that you want the millions of India to be happy, not that you want the reins of Government in your hands. If that be so, we have to consider only one thing: how can the millions obtain self-rule? You will admit that people under several Indian princes are being ground down. The latter mercilessly crush them. Their tyranny is greater than that of the English, and if you want such tyranny in India, then we shall never agree. My patriotism does not teach me that I am to allow people to be crushed under the heel of Indian princes if only the English retire. If I have the power, I should resist the tyranny of Indian princes just as much as that of the English. By patriotism I mean the welfare of the whole people, and if I could secure it at the hands of the English, I should bow down my head to them. If any Englishman dedicated his life to securing the freedom of India, resisting tyranny and serving the land, I should welcome that Englishman as an Indian.

Again, India can fight like Italy only when she has arms. You have not considered this problem at all. The English are splendidly armed; that does not frighten me, but it is clear that, to pit ourselves against them in arms, thousands of Indians must be armed. If such a thing be possible, how many years will it take? Moreover, to arm India on a large scale is to Europeanize it. Then her condition will be just as pitiable as that of Europe. This means, in short, that India must accept European civilization, and if that is what we want, the best thing is that we have among us those who are so well trained in that civilization. We will then fight for a few rights, will get what we can and so pass our days. But the fact is that the Indian nation will not adopt arms, and it is well that it does not.

READER: What do you say of Vatican that is form in and out of Italy?

EDITOR: Definitely, it was a great step to consolidate and channelized Christians throughout the world but unfortunately Christians alone. Though Vatican welcomes leaders of different religion but what is needed is to establish a religious capital/ country which caters to entire mankind wherefrom spirituality is spread to all the seas and sand.

Ayodhya has such vibration and energy level that it can cater to the entire mankind’s spiritual as well as environment requirement. What is needed is to dedicate and encourage our effort to establish Ayodhya a religious capital not only for India or for Hindus but for larger international community. At this juncture we would like you to refer topic ‘the condition of our religion places’ from Mita- Life Style Agenda:

Place of Worship -Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc.

If you want to break a man or a community, then break their faith, and best way to do is to break their faith (religious) centers- Mandir, Masjid and Church etc. or make them defunct/inactive. And if you want to unite a men or a community then make their faith (religious) centers (Mandir, Masjid and Church etc.) or make them active and operational i.e. reconstruct their religious centre.
Mandir, Masjid- Man Ke Utkrishtam Pratifalan Hain (Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara are the most beautiful expression of human head and heart). Construction of worship place follows more or less posture of sitting female in padmasan. Manifestation of highest expression of heart and head is Temple, Mosque and Gurudwara, and are the door for further exploration and expressions.
Condition of individuals, societies, group or countries temple and mosque (prayer place) indicates the condition of its individual, society, group or country as a whole. If the condition of place of worship is dirty and in dilapidated condition, so will be the condition of tha group, or society. If the condition of temple Mosque, Gurudwara is in harmony, rhythm, synch and energized, apart from being clean (as the basic requirement) the condition of its visitors will also be good and in the same way shows them good path.
1. By appreciating the condition of places of worship of Hindu, Jain, Christian and Muslims, we can appreciate the condition of these communities.
2. Both of these are interdependent and directly proportional- i.e. if condition of community improves, or if the condition of place of worship improves then the condition of the other will also improve. Wiseman asks us to take shorter steps i.e. improve condition of place of worship to improve upon the condition of our country and society.
3. Government will have to provide initially support for cleanliness of all major places of worship from block level onward at first, then from village level. Government will have to encourage these places of worship to be in charge of area cleanliness. In place of government offices of so called welfare state which have miserably failed in providing basic services of food, visitor shelter, exercise, music, cow shelter, education health and hygiene to its people across the globe people have to come forward and develop religious institutions as the center of growth and happiness.
4. Government will have to encourage the place of worship to add further responsibility, in an integrative way e.g. Pakshala, Pathshala, Dharmshala, Vyayamshala, Arogyashala, Sainya-shala, Sangeetshala, Gaushala, sanyas-ashram and Brhamcharya ashram (Lunger, education, visitor shelter, gymnasium, health center, defense training center, music-center and cow shelter along with place for people in Sanyas and Bhramcharya ashram), without any discrimination and in total Dharma Nirpeksha way.
5. Mode of prayer in last four hundred year has changed drastically previously at the time of Kabir it was:
Kankar pather jor kar masjid layi banaye,
Ta char mulla bangh de kya bahra hua khuday? (Masjid got erected with sand and babble, sitting on it priest shout, is god a deaf?).
Now the situation is:
Kankar pather jor kar mandir/masjid laye banaye,
Ta par loud-speaker bangh de, kya bahro karo sabay? (Mandir/ Masjid got erected with sand and babble, sitting on it loud speaker shout, is there plan to deafen all.
We all have to come forward to contain noise pollution coming from Mandir/Masjid/Gurudwara etc.
6. Wise people say, as there are lifespan to all individuals similar is the case with temples, mosques, Churches etc.
Life of the temples, mosques, and churches can be ascertained by energy level of that place and number of visitors it has is the indication. Govt. with its own funds will have to renovate, support and may reconstruct all such places whether it is Ajmer Sharif, Nizammuddin Aulia Mazar, or whether it is Varanasi Shiv temple or Ajodhya Shri Ram temple.
In all such places where government will directly intervene, will make religious study center of world religion at that place and this will to be done without ifs and buts. Such places will be opened for entire humanity without any untouchability. Places with equal number of visitors will be converted into integrated religious centers cum and religious study centre and it will be made along with major religious construction activity in Ajodhya.
7. Ajodhya as a place has vibrancy, dynamism and energy level to be religious capital, a capital to cater all type of religious need of the people of all branches of Dharma the Sanatana (e.g. Hindu, Muslim Christian, Buddha, Jews etc.) of India as well as of the world. In coming days our effort will be in the direction that Ajodhya became centre to convert world as living paradise.
8. Place of worship are required for human to become himself as temple/mosque (Where-in requirement to move outside for finding peace and solace, health and happiness ceases) and s/he can pray anywhere and may be people also come to him for performing prayer. For those whom karma (Work) is worship, there work place is temple and for those whom Dhyan is puja for them everywhere is temple.

READER: You said Ayodhya can be a religious capital of the world, Why Mecca-Medina or Jerusalem cannot be a religious capital?

EDITOR: Mecca-Medina is a great place, previously it attracted person like Nanak, but in last one hundred fifty years un- touchability has cropped up at this place which debars people following different route and form of prayer. Places Jeru-salem in Israel or Sri-Salem in India are respected and revered places and will continue to be so.

READER: Making Ayodhya religious capital is O.K., but what we are discussing is to achieve mental freedom, we will regain our lost glory, by losing just a million men (more or less) in fighting/clash. We shall undertake warfare and defeat evil doers.

EDITOR: (1) Allah loved not the aggressor, and Ram and Krishna tried for peace till last.
(2) To think of losing even one man in fight is not appreciated.
(3) Any arm revolution lead to longer suppression of its people than the one they are opposing it and unity so formed are short lived and lead to disintegration sooner than expected. Guerilla war fare does not generally leads to freedom.
-To become martyr or saint are supposedly to be respected but what matter is that have you achieved what has been planned? i.e. larger freedom. For this all methods has to be thought off and the way of dharma has to be applied.

On the similar question reply of Mr. Gandhi:

You are over-stating the facts. All need not be armed. At first, we shall assassinate a few Englishmen and strike terror; then, a few men who will have been armed will fight openly. We may have to lose a quarter of a million men, more or less, but we shall regain our land. We shall undertake guerrilla warfare, and defeat the English.

ANS: That is to say, you want to make the holy land of India unholy. Do you not tremble to think of freeing India by assassinations? What we need to do is to sacrifice ourselves. It is a cowardly thought, that of killing others. Whom do you suppose to free by assassination? The millions of India do not desire it. Those who are intoxicated by the wretched modern civilization think these things. Those who will rise to power by murder will certainly not make the nation happy. Those who believe that India has gained by Dhingra’s act and other similar acts in India make a serious mistake. Dhingra was a patriot, but his love was blind. He gave his body in a wrong way; its ultimate result can only be mischievous.

READER: But you will admit that the English have been frightened by these and that English support few countries are due to fear.

EDITOR: English are basically coward nation, they feel frightened even by mosquitos and they feel that killing is the only option. It is possible that English has granted support to many through fears, but supports which are given under pressure are always short lived. All these support lasts as long as the fear lasts and during this period, planning of further suppression continues.
On the similar questions reply of Mr. Gandhi :

But you will admit that the English have been frightened by these murders, and that Lord Morley’s reforms are due to fear.

ANS: The English are both a timid and a brave nation, England is, I believe, easily influenced by the use of gun-powder. It is possible that Lord Morley has granted the reforms through fear, but what is granted under fear can be retained only so long as the fear lasts.