There are broadly two ways in which one proceed in life, and a third one which is a combination of the two and is generally followed by the bliss. These orientations are valid for individuals as well as for country and society at large.

1st way Adjustment Orientation: In this one get adjusted in present situation, and is ready to adjust with whatsoever situation arrives in. In such a situation development takes place like Dis-organization – Organization– Dis-organization Mal-adjustment – Adjustment– Mal-adjustment

In adjustment orientation one generally passes the time, and life goes on without thrill, adventure and consequent enjoyment. In this orientation self-confidence, attitude, self-motivation, and concept of quality varies in extremes from negative to positive to negative, so on and so forth.

2nd way Goal Orientation: In this one set the goal and proceeds to achieve the goal. In goal orientation development takes place like:- Mal-adjustment – Adjustment – Fine and refine adjustment.
Dis-organization - Organization - Organizational development.

Advantages of goal orientation are:

An introspective insight and prospective foresight.

Thrilling March towards goal, watching its gradual progress enjoying dynamic transcendental hierarchy of happiness on each subsequent step. Goal orientation starts with self-confidence, positive attitude and outlook and these get enhanced in each successive step of its journey towards goal. In each successive steps self-motivation, concern about optimum quality and timing also enhances.

In goal orientation excellence is achieved less by beating others in competition, and more by self-transcendence. In Goal orientation past, present and future follow the straight line. In goal orientation achievement of almost all desires, aspirations and ambitions come true even without extra effort, stress or strain. Various religious texts say there is a purpose of life and as such goal orientation for individual, as well as for country and society at large is as per the Dharma (religion) and it is a must for happiness of individual, country and society. Happiness is the only life sustaining force.

3rd way Adjustment cum Goal orientation: This belongs to a rare phenomena, to the sphere of which fall those who surrender to almighty and take the life as it comes, such persons set the goal and adjust as well to the situation arising in the journey towards realization of goal. Generally the words of these people are an order, and these always remain in bliss.

Dreams are dreams whereas vision is a reality, when vision arises, dream disappears,
Let us move as per our vision, to build-Healthy, Happy and Holy society-A LIVING PARADISE ON EARTH

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