Swetketu was asked by his father-Uddalak; how this big Banyan tree has come out of this small seed. Swetketu said, I can’t exactly say but there is life in this seed which makes this tree grow. Uddalak asked Swetketu, if it’s so then break this seed and find out. On his order the seed was broken to finest (atomic) particle size but there is nothing, which Swetketu can say that this is containing the life. On Swetketu’s reply Uddalak, his father, ask him to go to the Gurukul for understanding this life and death the Brahm (Allah-the all,) and become Brahmin.

“Life came from this nothingness in the seed, from nothingness or non origination comes the no mind from no mind, comes the non memory, and from this non-memory comes the memory and after full development it again dissolves into nothingness the pure being, and then cycle may repeat, or may not, possibilities are there. Possibility may turn into actuality or may not turn into actuality; nothing nay happen for millions of years yet everything is possible.”

From nothingness (the void) comes the no mind, that is; seed is implanted (a pregnant stage), possibilities have taken its first step towards actualization and waiting is started, from this no mind comes the non memory, and we can appreciate that we hardly remember/memories our childhood before two-three years of age, which is basically a psychedelic stage, and from this non memory stage develops the memory and then we are able to remember our life.

If we see the meditation practices then we can appreciate that meditation is a process of going from memory stage to psychedelic stage to pregnant stage to pure being the energy wave. Those who can meditate, such can find out their last birth or may be whole chronology of their development, along with the development of whole society and nature.

Everybody remain as a quantum of energy and comes into existence as per their wavelength (yoni) and amplitude (exact womb). Those who pulsate with entire nature come as per its wishes and lives up till it wishes, such comes in the normal way but go either delebration as celebration/Samadhi, lively journey to water bodies or as a light source (by creating atomic fusion in its body).

Every Dharma Granth (Religious text) suggests the ways and means of celebration of a newborn, but it is rare to find what to do with the dead. ‘Raman Maharishi’ said that those who have arrived (start pulsating with nature become sage) have to be cremated like they are in Samadhi, and those who have not arrived have to be burnt with their skull broken (after burning) for their full freedom so that they can come again and complete its journey.

The practice of burning with skull broken, cremation (with or without coffins), leaving it for useful purpose (like eating by vulture), or leaving it to river/sea are all part of Sanatana practice. The practices of cremation in earth believe that life had originated from the earth, those who leave it to river believe that life had originated from the sea (water).

It hardly matters what happens to biodegradable material when energy wave (the soul) has moved out. Those culture and those religions, which started as per first statement of ‘Maharishi Raman’, follow practice of cremation and making Pyramid/coffins (smaller or bigger). And those who appreciated the fact of life that, it is a continuous journey start following the practice of funeral (burning) or fish/bird eating.

Those who accepted (by and large) the first thought, start assuming concept „of one life‟ and those who accepted the second thought, started concept of multiple lives and started calling it with various names like Lila, Maya, etc. etc. and sometimes even say that, “sleep is small death and death is big sleep”. They further say that if fatigue is small the sleep will work and if fatigue is big the death only will work, and after death (big sleep) one can start its journey with new flash.

Saying justifies by scientific findings that, “not even a smallest particle/ energy wave can be destroyed, it only changes shape and size; if it is so how can we the human be destroyed (A carbon particle burns in cigrette or cremation converts into carbon dioxide, which can be taken by plant, and convert it into flower, fruit or wood, which can be consumed by living orgasm, and then this cycle repeats. Only thing we donot know, or are not able to know how this carbon after burning (in carbon dioxide) going to manifest.

Through countless ways and means it is found that perpetual happiness is the only desire of all living being and it is the only life sustaining force for everyone, so it hardly matters in which way one is given last rite; what matters is whether one lived harmoniously and happily. In the scenario of death and life following may be carried out:

In place of death anniversaries it is life (birth day), which has to be celebrated. A marriage anniversary has to be celebrated as marriage day.

Cremation or funeral; it is the choice of individual’s family. However, to perform the last rite sufficient (three-day) remembrance leave will have to be given to individual’s family in government and all other sectors. As the entire life is celebration so death should also be celebration. Doctors are advised to learn the sign of coming death, and act in a way so that life ends as per wishes of person, and does not involve them in troubling the departing soul and their relative for money purpose.

Eye donation and other organ donation, if any, will have to be recognized and some cash to the head of family of diseased has to be given respect. Mercy killing need to be given respect. Hara-kiri and Suicide failure cases need not be treated criminally, rather to be treated compassionately or if possible benevolently. Celebration of life will have to be made more common than current practices. Life will have to be respected more than anything.