"Soul selects the society and family.” Child choreographs, its manifestation from invisible to visible, from unknown to known, from hidden future to settled past through ever afresh present. Future selects the past and present. In a way it is not past and present which shape the future, rather, it is future which has directed and shaped the entire past and shaping the present continuously.

A. “Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Mahavir, Pagamber, Jesus, Nanak, had selected the royals as their parents. Future asks us to be prepared to give our best and only healthy and happy parent can give good environment to its children, and as such it is the duty of the parents to remain and provide healthy happy and holy atmosphere to its children. When every woman wants to procreate through her womb it can only be prayed that she will deliver good babies. Good babies can only be delivered by selecting right region, season, timing, physical health, mood and a little bit of prayer at the time of conception and there upon proper care during pregnancy. The process is same as that of any other exercise or work; here sex is performed for procreation and not for enjoyment. For proper selection of timing etc. “Garbhadhan Sanskar” (rituals of conception and pregnancy) is available in Bharat and can be modified as per region and religions or same can be used.

B. Mostly children are raised by inciting fear; like mother says – if you do this, ghost would eat you, and father says, - I shall beat you. In our society we also follow the same trend; likewise religion says – if you do anything wrong, you will go to hell and Allah would punish you, and Government says if you do wrong you will be put behind the bars. In such a situation of constant fear, healthy development cannot take place, of children at home and mankind in society.

C. In business/economic terms it is being said that if one wants profit in a day buy lottery ticket, if one wants profit for a year grow crops, for profit from two to five year grow fruits, but for lasting profit develop team in the office/industry and children in home/society. For overall development we have to take measures, at home and in the society and fear have to be replaced by love and freedom. We have to show how goodness is better and how fear can be replaced by love (and it can be done with little time and effort).

Happiness is the only life sustaining force, which enhances by love and loving relationship. It is prayed and expected from every individual, media, society and Government that we will promote the quantum of love in our society.

All religious centers have to take the lead to prepare the individual for rightful activity, so as to have healthy, happy and holy baby.

Provide every neonatal the exposure of both parents, as first exposure is of paramount importance. First cross then same sex exposure will change our society phenomenally (i.e. baby girl-father, boy-mother).Children need parents especially mother, not for quality time only but quantity time as well. Children raised through maid or through crèches are observed to be lacking in family cohesive bonding and these children adopt indifferent attitude towards their parents at young age. Generally if child feels lonely during early childhood its parents are bound to face loneliness during old age. Society, religious institution and government will have to work in tandem so that mother will provide quantity time to children and also feel financially secure. Government and Society will have to come out with certain criteria for financial requirement of newcomer, may be by direct contribution.

Saying: Poot kapoot to kyon dhan sanchay,

Poot sapoot to kyon dhan sanchay (If Child is bad then why deposit money, and if child is good then why deposits money).

Needs replacement with:

“Poot Kapoot to, Dhan Sanchay, Poot Sapoot to Dhan Sanchay” (If Child is bad, then deposit money, and if child is good then also deposit money)
One is to safeguard against odd, and another to promote goodness.