Those who lives in other head lives long, those who lives in other heart lives longer and those who lives in others head and heart lives longest.Sages lives in people’s heart and head and thus lived in all ages, they hardly move from their place and it is the masses that pay visit to them. Sage allows people to cross the barrier of country and religion and do not belong to coral of any creed, caste, religion and race. Such are the sages- my salutation to all these.

Sages when they say Aham Brahasmi (I am Brahma), they at the same time do say Tatva Masi (you are that). Sages provide the freedom and do not make disciples as to keep the disciple is against the lesson of vary freedom which they provide to their students.

Gurus who impart freedom to their students and do not make them disciple become sage and rest remain as just asters or teachers, who have mastery in one or many areas and have teaching skill.

Sadhu- is one who has caught hold of something in their internal being (Sadhu; jisane kuch sadh liya hai) and as such are master of more than one art. These sadhus move to show off their mastery to help the masses. Saints on the other hand are those whose end is good. Sant – (Jiska ant achchha hai, as we say Ant bhala to sab bhala (all is well if end is well) slowly and slowly these people get defined and refined on continual basis, these too move and share or express their experience of life and its various vistas with an aim of betterment of large population.

Forced celibates- are exact sin. It is disrespect to their parents, faithlessness to future generation; these people get punished severely and secretly. Celibacy if appeared out of kundalini awakening then these persons reaches directly to sage status, and can be differentiated by the atmosphere (negative or positive) is created by their presence. People though following the norms, still require to discuss it inter and intra religion and come out with fresh norms for society and government for respect to these positively energized lot.

In the power game, the first lesson is to hide the intention by adjusting the face expression so as to attract or distract the masses, still all such leaders have not been able to adjust the eyeball movement and befool the watcher of eyes.

Bhogi (living), Rogi (diseased), Yogi, Mayavi, Bhairavi are natural progression in life, it depends on individual Dharna, dhyan and Karma where one is destined, (Mayavi achieves physical pleasure with the help of yog, whereas Bhairavi and Manoyogi breaks the barrier of mayavi and clear the path of dharma).

The steadiness and loving expression in eyeball is an indication of journey toward Leader, Sadhu, Saint and finally sage.